A Case of bad reaction to vaccination.

11 year old Bella (not her real name) had been spending a lot of her days at home or in bed for the past 6 months. Her mum rang me for an appointment and gave me the exact date of the last day Bella had been healthy.

When Bella came to see me she told me she used to be a very active girl; enjoying school, playing with friends, going to girl guides, dancing, several sports, piano lessons and more. No day went by without an afterschool activity.

Mum explained that Bella received a DPT booster vaccine on the mentioned date to which she had a severe reaction and fever shortly after and which required a visit to A&E. Since then Bella’s health has been getting worse.

She has had regular bouts of sore throats and used many antibiotics. But more worryingly right now is that she lives in pain daily. Severe and debilitating back pains mean she can sometimes hardly get out of bed by herself. She has bad headaches, no energy for anything, she struggles with weakness in her legs and going places is often too much. All her appetite is gone and she is continuously nauseous which is a concern seeing her petite stature. She has been missing many school days and wasn’t going to school at all at the time of the appointment. She is using pain and anti nausea medication to help her cope through the days.

Mum was very appreciative of the opportunity to talk Bella’s situation through with me. She had been told she was “over anxious” by doctors who brushed of her concerns and she had started to doubt herself. Doctors did not acknowledge a connection between the vaccination and Bella’s symptoms. But there was no explanation nor did any treatment improve Bella’s situation, instead of getting better there was a slow but gradual decline.

In homeopathy if we find the onset of issues so clearly defined we cannot deny it and know we have to address it. Because homeopathic treatment is based on the principle that ‘that what causes a problem, can also cure it’ we started by giving Bella the remedy made from the vaccine to help her body to release the toxins that were overloading her system and causing issues.

Mum updated me in the same week, saying that Bella had enjoyed two days of swimming pool visits with friends and had managed to attend a function out of town, she seemed more energetic and seemed to feel better in herself, but she continued to have back pain and be nauseous with a very small appetite, which bothered her greatly.

We tried Nux Vomica, a remedy indicated in ‘nausea without the ability to vomit’ and also useful where there is chemical toxicity.

Soon after that Bella developed a fever and a sore throat. When mum rang me I explained that it seemed Bella’s immune system had been activated and was trying to clear things up ‘from the inside out’. A fever is a way for a body to destroy unwanted bacteria or viruses. A very good sign in essence; as we want to see Bella’s body able to cope and be strong.  We decided we would ride out the fever which was not alarmingly high, without interference, but monitor the situation closely.  As expected a few days later the fever subsided.

4 weeks after her first consult I saw Bella again. She told me her back ache was no longer continuous, she was having  good days on which she could be active, followed by days where she needed to rest more, she seemed more active and happy. But nausea and lack of appetite together with headaches were still an issue for her. Overall there was definitely improvement and in order to keep that healing momentum up we decided to repeat the first remedy again.

Bella was able to start the new school year with enthusiasm and full of energy.

It was 7 weeks since her first follow up when Bella came to see me again as some of her old symptoms had started to appear again over the past 2 days. The nausea that we had struggled to fully resolve got worse, but she also had headaches, a sore throat and sore legs again. She had to have some time of school.

We decided that since the DTP vaccine remedy had given so many improvements before, we should repeat it again. But since the nausea and lack of appetite continued to be an issue I also prescribed a dose of Gaertner Bach which is a remedy that supports bowel health in certain conditions, to be taken 1 week after the DTP remedy.

I received a wonderful call from Bella’s mum, two days after she took that remedy in the morning. Bella is doing so much better. She had great appetite already that same evening and ate all her dinner the night after without complaints. She also went on a school trip for the day and was able to go back to school the day after “full of beans” where usually she would have to stay home to sleep due to exhaustion.

While Bella is continuing to do well her healing is still a process in progress that we will continue to monitor closely.

If you are suffering from effects of Immunization, please do not lose hope but come and see me, I’m happy to help.


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A Case of Grief

Tilly (not her real name) is an independent and active woman and was recently diagnosed with Asthma at age 67.

When I first see her in May she tells me she can’t sleep at all because she can’t lie down. If she does she can’t breathe and her chest feels tight and rattling with much mucus, but her cough is unproductive.

She wheezes so bad that if she does doze off, the sound of her own wheezing wakes her again. She is using her puffers with increasing frequency, up to 18 times daily now, and has been on many rounds of Antibiotics and Steroids. Nothing is realy doing anything to bring improvement.

Any visit to the doctor results in more/ different Antibiotics, suggestion to use Steroids and more tests.

Naturally Tilly’s first desire is to find relief from this very distressing situation that also impacts severely on her daytime activities as she has no energy, nor enough breath to do much.

All this started after she contracted a bad flu a year ago she tells me, it has been a struggle ever since with coughs and chest infections and now this Asthma.

I’m concerned about her situation and the fact that she just can’t seem to achieve the relief she needs. We talk about the impact this has on her person and her daily routine in an attempt to see where this Asthma fits into her life.

Soon Tilly tells me that much has happened in her life in recent years; she has retired from her job, lost her second husband, her father and very recently her close friend, all after short battles with cancer. She nursed all 3 in their last stages of life. On top of that she has been involved in a long and on going legal battle and she tells me she had a difficult first marriage that has impacted on the relationship she has with her two now adult children, which pains her much.

There is so much grief, old and new. She is a caring person and from her story I gather she is someone who gives much of herself. But Tilly tells me her story in a collected manor, without any tears, and says she is not one for fuss or crying in company. She actually prefers to be alone and doesn’t want anyone to fuss over her; doesn’t really want to talk to anyone.

So much has happened, yet Tilly keeps going on staunch and strong. I’m wondering if her grief of all those years has undermined her vitality. Is this Asthma her body’s way to say “stop and catch your breath” in a quite literal way?

Doctor’s intervention is doing little to improve her plight; their focus is on the physical issue which is definitely very concerning.

She is continuing her medication for now, but I feel the story of multiple griefs can’t be ignored and may be underlying her frequent bouts of flu, chest infections and now this complaint of Asthma.

I prescribe her a daily dose of a remedy that has a strong affinity with grief and key symptoms of wanting to be alone, inability to cry in company or aversion to consolation and fuss and it has a picture of asthma.

I also give her a blend of Flower Essences to help her cope with some feelings of depression and anxiety as well as her acute grief, to take as she needs it.

By the end of July improvement is quite striking and her vitality has dramatically improved, I feel that it is the right time to give Tilly one dose of the remedy Influenzinum as she keeps bringing up ‘the Flu she had a year ago’ as if to remind me of its importance in her situation.

I continue to monitor her progress by email and through follow up sessions over several months and she is continuing her daily doses of the same remedy but in increasing potency (strength) and when I last see her she is radiant.

Tilly has reduced her puffer use to 2-3 doses a day, her asthma only affects her now if she walks uphill or when she is stressed. She has had no colds, flu or chest infection over the winter months. She has visited her family overseas and the travel did not result in a cold as it had the last few times.

By September she is much more relaxed, her energy is up as she is sleeping well now and can lie down again. She is feeling better in herself and writes me “It is a miracle”. Tilly has hosted a book club at her home not long ago, started participating in more activities and even has taken up a fitness class.

Despite having lost another very close friend recently and supporting the family, Tilly has not had a setback in her health and coped well.

By looking at someone’s whole situation in detail and connecting all levels of health it is possible to see layers in history that have lead to the health issues experienced today. The strength of Homeopathy is in the time given to truly understand a patient’s situation and then to be open to what is needed for this person to journey back to health and to be able to make an individual prescription based on that.

If you have longstanding issues and what you are doing presently is not resolving the problem, why not consider looking at it from a different angle. Homeopathy is an option in most situations. I’m happy to be of assistance. Feel free to make an appointment.

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Happy World Homeopathy Awareness Week!

Stay tuned this week as I will be spreading the word on Homeopathy by sharing with you some cases (with permission of my clients!) and news from my clinic .

There is a reason to celebrate, it is World Homeopathy Awareness (WHAW) week!

The founder of Homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was born on the 10th of April 1755 in Meissen, Germany.

Now 262 years later; Homeopaths and their clients all over the world commemorate his birthday and sing the marvels of Homeopathy during this annual focus week in appreciation of the legacy he has left us.

It is all about honouring the therapy that has survived so much criticism, is still standing strong today after a turbulent history and which popularity and use is continuing to grow world wide, just because so many people report on their positive experiences with it.

It is about celebrating our freedom of choice in health care, successes in practice and improved health in clients. It is about celebrating health achieved by the least harmful way possible; with gentle acting and non toxic remedies as that was Hahnemann’s first priority. When he became a medical doctor he promised to “first do no harm” and he stuck to that promise. He had to device his own way to honour this oath, but he did it and that’s why we are here.

We take his opportunity to thank our clients for sharing their stories with us and letting us be aid and witness to their healing.

If you get a chance I hope you will go and see the documentary “Just one drop” that has premiered in London to coincide with WHAW and will be screening in NZ soon; All about Homeopathy, its marvels and its history and the adversity it has overcome.

Here is to Homeopathy, Homeopaths and Supporters all over the world!

Here is to Dr Samuel Hahnemann!

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If you’re happy and you know it….

I know that many of my clients feel happy with the help I have given them. I see them in consults and talk to them in follow ups and often they tell me that Homeopathy has helped them; Sometimes in small ways, sometimes very dramatically so.

To me this is the most humbling and rewarding facet of my practice; to help people. To be time and again reminded how resilient and powerful the body is in its ability to heal even after long times of illness and in Chronic complaints. And to see how Homeopathy can bring energy into this ability and help change a situation around for the better.

I would like to reach and help many more people through my clinic, but it is difficult to advertise what I do due to advertising restrictions and harassment from Sceptics who are set on making it very difficult for Homeopathy to be practiced and grow in NZ.

If I can’t get the word out, people don’t know about me or Homeopathy and can’t ask me for help.
I have relied mainly on word of mouth advertising until now and many of my clients have come because others have pointed them in my direction, which is wonderful. But it is a slow process and Social media and the Internet are such powerful tools that would reach so many more people…..

The best advertising (for me as a Homeopath) that no one can argue with is client testimonials and ratings.

If you say you are happy, if you have seen result from my approach and Homeopathy in your situation….. who can argue with that????
If you like Homeopathy because of your own experience please tell others about it!

I would really appreciate your support in getting the word out about what I do. It gives people confidence if they can read your comments and know that others in similar situations have been helped by me.

I don’t ask this for myself but because I want to reach more people who like you ‘may benefit’ (Here it is again…no claims made) from Homeopathy like you have.

Please consider leaving a short testimony on my Website or FB page or send it to me per email.
On my Facebook Page you can give me a star rating too, which is as simple as clicking on the amount of stars you wish to give me.

A testimonial can be brief and does not have to be long or complex, just keep it compact.

You could use this as a template if you are wondering how to write one:
“I came to see Esther with THIS, then she did THAT and now my situation is LIKE THIS” and then indicate your (dis) satisfaction.

It will not only be very much appreciated by me, but also by many future clients.

Thank you for your help!

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Something to Celebrate

I am very happy to announce that as of today I may call myself  Esther Ritmeester Dip Hom, RCHom.

Which means I hold a Diploma of Homeopathy after 4 years of study and I am now also fully registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH).

It has always been my aim to become fully registered with the Council as it is the only way for potential clients to know that my practice and approach are in line with guidelines/ code of practice and ethics as set out by a national governing body.

It provides a kind of assurance and I want my clients to know that Quality of service is important to me.

In my clinic I will continue to serve my clients to the best of my ability and with compassion and care as I have always done.

I thank all my clients and supporters for the trust and support they have given me and for letting Homeopathy and I be part of their journey to health.

Being a Homeopath is an incredibly humbling and  fulfilling experience  I am very grateful for and enjoy.


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ADDH – Also Dare Discover Homeopathy


ADDH is a label so commonly used today that it seems we’ve got an epidemic at hand.

It seems…..as we may question if each label is stuck on for the right reasons, if each labelling is well considered and if each child labelled has been assessed and catered for individually.

Children in today’s world are living in a fast paced environment and are exposed through media to information they may not be ready to process adequately, their parents may be under stress of job and financial strain, their family may be in turmoil, their diets may be wanting good nutrition or be too full of additives, their energy needs to be curbed to fit in the classroom environment for hours each day and their outdoor explorations can only be limited due to fears for safety or city living. It may well be all that these factors come into play all together…..

There are a lot of reasons why a child may be restless or misbehaving or distracted. ADDH is definitely one explanation but not all ADDH children are the same, they are individuals.

Conventional approach is often a one size fits all medical prescription, that may have side effects and will at best suppress the expression of the child’s distress. It is easy to think that if we can do away with the behaviour, the problem is then solved. But does that actually solve the underlying issue, the reason behind the child’s behaviour?

It doesn’t….and it may be that by preventing behaviour to be expressed naturally, new problems may arise.

Homeopathy may be applied in ADDH.

Through careful case taking a homeopath will discover what underlies and characterizes the problem and will prescribe a remedy that fits that child’s specific situation. This remedy supports growth and maturity in expression by helping them to process their situation and respond in a more effective way and therefore alleviating overwhelming emotions.

In the article below you find nice illustration of how homeopathy can help in ADDH and behaviour issues.

Give me a call, if you feel Homeopathy is an option you may wish to investigate for your child!

ADHD Different Etiologies and Three Surprising Homeopathic Remedies

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Treat yourself to Homeopathy this Christmas

xmas-feetGetting ready for Summer and Christmas……Yes, they are only just around the corner, where did the year go???

There is nothing like being prepared and feeling ready.

Summer Holidays, Christmas dinner and Presents, what are we going to do?

Well perhaps I can help you finish this year on a high and start the New Year on an even higher note.



  • Stocking up on some handy to have ‘Summer remedies’, a homeopathic first aid kid for your camping trip or even remedies to  help you cope with the aftermath of festive indulgence or the stress of it all. I’m happy to advize on what you may need.
  • Gifting your friends or family some remedies. Something different and useful. A nice helpful combo is a bottle of Arnica and a bottle of Rescue Remedy, handy to have at hand for those every day accidents and injuries and a good introduction to using Homeopathy and Flower essences at home.
  • Buying a Voucher to gift to a dear one that entitles them to a consult with me….Imagine being a catalyst for change!
  • Treating yourself to a consultation. Make it your New Years resolution to employ a natural and gentle therapy like Homeopathy to really encourage your inner health and address some of those niggly issues that have bothered you for a while.
  • Book the kids in to see me while they have time off school, the holidays will give them a good chance to pick up before the new school year starts. Homeopathy is a great support in that process and can help address any one off or on going existing health issues (ear/nose/throat/allergies/ eczema etc). Physical issues may  be undermining their performance and/or be causing behavioural issues. Many kids feel excited but others may be anxious  with the anticipation of Christmas or the upcoming new school year.  Homeopathy can be applied in these situations and may assist in growing confidence and moderating emotional turmoil and strong feelings.

I will be open for business a usual throughout the Summer break but my clinic will be closed on Dec 24-26, Dec 31 and Jan 1st.

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Healing is a train ride

girl-on-train-1381996_1920What can I expect?

That’s a question I often hear when I prescribe a remedy to a client and fair enough too.

But it is a question that is easier asked, then answered.


Because each individual is a complex being, there is not one answer for all.

As a Homeopath I accept that I may never know the full extend of what their body is able to achieve, given the starting position it is in when they see me in clinic first.

I am in awe of  what we are capable of in overcoming health issues on Physical, Mental or Emotional levels, given the opportunity to do so. We are incredibly resilient.

I have seen people in very dire situations improve very quickly, but I’ve also seen others for whom improvement has been a roller coaster ride.

Homeopathic remedies are aimed at initiating exactly that process needed to effect a change of direction in a person, to nudge their self healing ability into action, and start the healing process in what ever way is possible in their situation, given their circumstances.

A person may initially start sleeping better or find themselves have more energy or less pain, this may have huge positive impact on the way they are able to cope, yet their illness itself may take longer to resolve.

Sometimes there is  a need for the body to get rid off unwanted stuff first before healing can take place and this may result in temporary elimination like sweating, diarrhoea, vomiting or nasal discharge. When this happens it most often results in improvement in the overall situation.

At times improvement is just instant….it does happen.

Each person I see has taken time and a certain path to come to their present ill health and it will take time therefore to retrace steps back to a healthier state.

Interestingly enough it may literally be a retracing of the steps for some. As in the process of healing we may see past unresolved or suppressed symptoms reappear briefly so the body can deal with them and let them go. Much like a return trip by train, traveling past stations you’ve seen before and briefly stopping at each.

Health is not just a physical thing; it hangs together and is influenced by many factors e.g. historic events and outlook on the future.

Returning to health is a journey and being well is a process, not a station.

A rough guideline I keep is that it will at least expect 1 month for every year you’ve been sick to work your way back to health. That may seem like a long time, but remember that your body is doing the work here and it is doing that from a point of un-wellness to start with.

Homeopathy is helping your body to heal itself. This is a very different approach from conventional medicine where symptoms are suppressed by medication or surgery so we don’t feel or see them. In effect we are dumbing our body down but not actually listening to it or helping it to let the issue be resolved, when we take medicine or cut out the problem.

Even in conventional medicine a doctor can never guarantee a certain outcome or destination, because every patient is different.

So what does this mean?

It means that we have to be open to see any response after a remedy, big or small.

We have to embrace that response as a sign of progress in motion and accept we do not know where exactly it will take us, but forward.

We will work together on supporting your body to work things out and find its way to a better health state.

As a Homeopath I am there to travel with you on your journey and to help you to stay on course. I’ll meet you at each station you pass through and help you to stay on track.

We have to come to terms with the fact that our body lives by natural laws and processes that are not fully understood by science, that cannot be pushed or timed, but also cannot be ignored.

We need to practice gentleness, care and patience……it is worth it…..you are worth it, enjoy your ride to Health.





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Like minded thinking

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful evening in Taupo.

We were invited by our fertiliser company Uptake to attend their Mid Winter Christmas dinner and had a great time. It is always lovely to meet new people and get off farm. We enjoyed a good meal in the company of fellow clients and exchanged experiences. There was music and gifts and a jolly good spirit to boot.

You may think so what has this got to do with Homeopathy? You may instantly have the picture of fertiliser creating pollution and funding big companies in mind when you read the above.

Such is the power of corporate business messages and media reporting.

However there are certainly companies out there in the farming scene that truly do things in a different way and Uptake is one of those.

We’ve been customers of Uptake for 12 years now and the proof of their approach is in our pudding. We are enjoying healthy soils, great quality and yield of pasture for our animals and therefore very minimum health issues to deal with. Our stock is healthy and happy. We don’t drench, don’t have milk fever, don’t see eczema don’t have bloat in our herd. Our vet rarely gets called out for acute health issues in our cows. If we do encounter an issue we’ll try Homeopathy first to solve it and oftentimes it does. It is cost effective both as a fertilizer program and as a result of the flow on effect of having healthy soil.

Last night at the dinner we met others with like minded attitudes. People who are passionate about doing the right thing by their land and animals and all have experienced similar improvements to ours while using the Uptake approach. It felt uplifting and motivational to meet and talk with people who are ‘like you’.

So what is different?

First of all it is a smaller NZ company with a personal approach, it just about feels like a family of people who care.

Secondly they provide a tailor made fertilizer program to your very specific situation, based solely on your soil test, your animals health and performance and your systems and aims. You apply what your farm needs (based on tests and evidence) and not what serves the fertilizer company best or what you’ve always done or what the neighbours do. Not a one size fits all but individual approach.

Thirdly they focus on applying environmentally friendlier products and trace minerals and aim to balance your soils ecological system keeping in mind that every particle and element has their place and influences others in the cycle of life and health on the farm.

All through last evening I could not help but think how similar this Uptake philosophy is within the greater Fertilizer industry to what my philosophy is as a Natural Health practitioner within the greater Health Industry picture.

And the other striking similarity is that Like Natural therapies so often get put down by the big players in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, Uptake certainly is not enjoying a great reception with the bigger corporate fertilizer companies.

Both Natural health clients and Uptake clients see the evidence of their choices in their health (or that of their animals/stock) and often get praising comments for their performance and radiance, yet others are hard pressed to make the change.

I had the opportunity to set up a little Homeopathy display last night and talk with some about what I do as a homeopath. I felt that there was openness and willingness to understand Homeopathy and learn in this group of people.

Perhaps that is what happens when the first step to change has already been taken and you see what is possible with less conventional approaches.

It becomes less scary to be different when you reap the benefits.

Thanks John Davies, Tarnia and the team at Uptake, for a wonderful evening!

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Summer time Support


Well it is definitely summer time in New Zealand. How wonderful too that this gorgeous weather coincides with the Holiday period. If you are camping, or going away with your family soon, enjoy it!

Don’t forget to pack some essential Homeopathic remedies, a little first aid kit is invaluable and makes it easy to help yourself and your loved ones quickly when needed. Add a basic self help Homeopathy book and you are all set!

Here are a few remedy suggestions for support in common Summer Holiday complaints;

  • Bee stings and/ or Anaphylactic shock (resulting from Bee stings or other) – Apis
  • Sprains, strains, bruises, bleeding, shock resulting from injury – Arnica
  • Sun Stroke with throbbing headaches– Glonoine
  • Sun burn (or to assist with excess exposure to Sun) – Sol (NZ)
  • Food Poisoning with diarrhea and vomiting and burning sensations – Arsenicum Album
  • Over indulgence/ Hangover/ Stresses where irritability causes angry confrontations – Nux Vomica

In these first aid situations initial dosing can be every 5-15 min (up to 4-6 doses) until improvement is noticed. As soon as improvement is noticed, the interval between dosing can be increased but always stop using the remedy when significant improvement is evident and only repeat a dose if and when improvement wanes and symptoms regress.

If after 4-6 doses no improvement has taken place, stop using the remedy and re-assess situation. A different and better indicated remedy may be needed.

Remember that a remedy can only be effective where it is accurately matched with the situation. The above remedy suggestions are only the most frequently used few in the said situations; there are many others that may be better suited in the individual case. But it is a start.

Usual First Aid rules still should be applied in all incidents and if you are concerned about a situation you should always seek professional medical advice. Safety first in all situations.

  • Any emotional upsets, anxiety, fear, nerves etc – Rescue Remedy.

This Flower essence may be taken as needed to assist with overwhelming emotions and used to restore calm in many situations.

Happy Holidays every one!

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