Homeopathic support for Restless legs

Restless leg syndrome is a common problem. Read on to learn about the use of Homeopathic support for Restless legs if you are looking for a natural and gentle approach.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Also called Willis-Ekbom disease is a common condition of the nervous system that causes an overwhelming irresistible urge to move the legs. In a majority of cases no obvious cause can be found.

There are four diagnostic features that must be present to make a definite diagnosis of RLS. These can be remembered under the acronym URGE. They are following

  1. Urge to move the legs. (An urge to move the legs that is usually accompanied or caused by unpleasant sensations in the legs)
  2. Rest induced(The worsening of the symptoms at rest)
  3. Gets better with activity(The relief of symptoms with activity)
  4. Evening and night worse (A variation of symptoms with time of day such that symptoms are worse or only occur in the evening and/or night.)

The impact of Restless Leg Syndrome

My husband suffers from Restless legs and has done so for many years. He thinks it started after an injury to his back but its so long since that he isn’t sure about that.

He tells me it has severely impacted him over his life time. As it began while he was a student; he found it extremely difficult to sit still and focus in class. It was agony for him to get through is course. It has caused difficulties on long distance travel and even while watching movies in a cinema. Many a night; restless legs kept him from sleeping. Being a farmer and rising early, this was not easy.

It seemed his legs would become more active the more he wanted them not to. Sitting still in the evening watching TV was a nightmare. He could not keep his legs still and constantly needed to change position or get up. The only relief came from being in motion but that’s impossible to keep up.

It affects others too

He was never able to fully relax and his fidgeting often was irritating to others who would become irritated at his restlesness.

As his partner I suffered with him, especially at night while trying to get a full night’s sleep. I was either waking because of young children and babies needing my attention or because my husbands legs and feet were flying uncontrolled around the bed. While he tried to sleep; sudden jerks and tremors of his feet often bothered me. They would be kicking and even scratching me at times unbeknown to my husband.

So I do fully understand how much of an impact this condition can have on the sufferer and their family and partner.

Chronic lack of rest full sleep hamper daily performance, significantly . This may impact your mental functioning, concentration and mood; Its an awful cycle to be in.

I myself had an injury a few years ago that involved my lower back and resulted in a period of restless leg syndrome that caused me despair and extreme agony and made me sympathise with my husband even more.

Looking for relief

Initially he tried everything from pain medication to muscle relaxers. He followed advice on supplements and diet and exercise and had many experiences with physiotherapy, acupuncture, cranial osteopathy and body talk. And all these things did bring relief however temporary. He saw doctors and specialists had x-rays and MRI scans often when his symptoms would return.

My husbands restless legs over the years progressed from very acute and painful to very occasional and minor incidents and my own have resolved completely.

Homeopathic support for restless legs

Both of us have used homeopathy to find relief with great success. I sought homeopathic consultation from a colleague to help my restless legs. A suitable prescription that fitted my person improved general health. The remedy, fitting my complete situation supported my body to heal and encouraged it to overcome amongst other problems; also the restless leg symptoms.

I have been supporting my husband since I studied Homeopathy and he has chosen a more acute approach where he just takes the remedy that suits his particular restless leg symptoms if and when they happen and he finds immediate relief with that. If needed he is now able to find rest and sleep. But it seems these restless episodes are now much less frequent and milder then they have been previously. There are long periods, where he may not be bothered by his legs at all.

In my clinic

Restless leg Syndrome is very common and see this in my clinic regularly. It can have a multitude of causes. Each situation is different and warrants a thorough case taking. Each person may need a different remedy and the outcome can range from complete recovery to being able manage better with fewer incidents and reduced discomfort.

However using Homeopathy often means reduction in the need for medications which are the main conventional treatment option. Frequently prescribed are Pain medications, Anti inflammatory, Nervous system Inhibitors and Muscle relaxants or even Anti Depressants. But not unusually they carry significant side effects.

Some frequently used remedies that may help

Commonly used remedies that as Homeopathic support for restless legs are;

  • Rhus tox: Constant need to move legs, preventing sleep. Often has pains worse on first movement, better with continued movement. Tends to great restlessness and uneasiness, especially at night. Often craves cold milk. Often worse before storms and better with heat.
  • Arsenicum album: Uneasiness in the lower limbs, must move feet constantly or move about, cannot lie still at night. In general, debilitated, exhausted, and restless. Often worse at night. Tends to be anxious, may be obsessive regarding order and tidiness.
  • Tarentula hispanica: Extreme restlessness, often with jerking and twitching. Must be busy, must hurry. Often better with rubbing and music.
  •  Zincum metallicum: Fidgety feet, must constantly move them. May have trembling and twitching. Often a depressed, exhausted state. Often worse after dinner.

Move forward in freedom

It may help to have a better understanding of ones health and well being and remove underlying issues that could be encouraging the problem from being maintained. Our body often expresses our consciousness in a physical way. Particularly so if we don’t listen to our emotions and address issues but rather ignore and carry on.

Our legs move us forward in time and place. We walk on to our destiny to achieve goals and reach dreams. We can be steady or we may stumble or can be paralysed in motion. It may be that emotionally or psychologically we are hampered in moving freely in the desired direction and problems with our legs may illustrate this . We may have doubts or worries and these underlying and sometimes even unconscious ideas may hold us back.

It is good to assess this. Homeopathy is a holistic therapy and it focusses on the whole person, body, mind and emotion. It is able to unlock the potential of healing we hold naturally and help someone move on from where they have become stuck and move freely.

I’m happy to help

If you are struggling with Restless Legs and are seeking peace and relaxation and the ability to be still, Homeopathy may be the answer for you.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your options. I am very happy to be of help.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Stramonium 200c always helps when i get restless legs from too much sugar, only during pregnancy. I have had 8 children. One dose dental nights in a row and then only have had to take one dose rarely if it came back.

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