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Recently I have had an influx of people with requests for help regarding wound healing. Funny how they come in clusters. There are months that go by with no one presenting with infected wounds or slow healing skin and then there are 4 in a week.  This prompted me to write this blogpost about Homeopathic remedies that can help heal wounds promptly. With some knowledge you can easily help yourself and your loved ones; when you or they are hurt. The good thing with wounds is that they are very visual and it’s easy to see if they are getting better or worse.

I suggest you give it a try next time and with the information in this post.

A caution

While wounds are a great opportunity to practice your first aid skills and self prescribe homeopathic remedies, there are times where it  is better to seek help (first); 

  • Wounds that cover a large area
  • Those wounds that are obviously nasty and infected

(especially when the person is not in optimum health generally, elderly, frail or very young)

  • Or those wounds that are deep (may hide further underlying issues or internal damage)

These need to be medically attended to, and assessed. It is best in this case to seek the advice of your doctor or A & E. That can then be followed up and supported with remedies if needed.


They are so common, but they are also very responsive to Homeopathic support if needed. Cuts, grazes, surgical wounds puncture wounds, clean wounds, dirty wounds; there are remedies to help in all of those situations. Every family’s Homeopathic first aid kit should include remedies to help heal wounds. At the very least have Arnica at hand if you are limited for resources .

Arnica is our first aid hero. Isn’t that for bruising and sore muscles?

Yes indeed it is, but Arnica is also THE first aid remedy for all types of injury and accidents. And it does help the healing of wounds by reducing the stagnation of blood and lymph at the site of an injury, Arnica enhances local circulation, thereby increasing transport of immune cells and healing nutrients to the area. It helps prevent toxic waste accumulation, septic conditions and pus formation (Boericke*). So, if you use a dose or two of Arnica as soon as possible after an injury you are setting yourself up for a good outcome and speedy healing already.

Okay so what do you do next to aid a speedy healing process?

1. Firstly let it bleed  for a moment, don’t be afraid of blood.

Bleeding washes out debris, blood flow aids the transport of nutrients and healing cells to the area and it helps to prevent Tetanus. Bleeding wounds have a very, very low risk of attracting Tetanus. Deep wounds which do not bleed and are closed off become an anaerobic situation (without Oxygen); they are the ones most at risk of developing Tetanus.

Do I need a Tetanus shot when I have a wound?

It is not useful to receive a Tetanus vaccine at the time where you already have a wound. As this vaccine takes 3 weeks to develop enough antibodies to be of any use to you. If you have a wound, have not had a recent Tetanus shot, and are at risk of Tetanus; you need a Tetanus Antigen injection. It is  good to know that  a Tetanus vaccines usually includes also Diphtheria and Pertussis vaccine also, so it’s a triple dip you are receiving not just the Tetanus if you go that route.

2. Clean your wound.

Firstly do this with clean water. Then follow with a wash with a dilution of Calendula or HyperCal tincture (combination Hypericum/ Calendula), or Colloidal silver wash, or even Apple Cider Vinegar or Salt solutions. You may need to clean the area more often. Especially if the wound is of decent size, and slow to heal over. Continue this daily until you are confident you see definite progess.

Make sure any debris is washed from the wound and surrounding area; before you apply anything else. This is because products like HyperCal or Colloidal silver can stimulate healing so well that the wound may heal over so quickly that it traps the remaining debris inside, risking infection later.

Let the wound and area dry after this and before covering it if needed. If safe and possible at all; do not cover a wound. Fresh air, oxygen and the ability to dry are often conductive to prompt healing. Covering may be desirable. But it can also encourage ‘brewing’ and sweating. And those moist conditions can encourage the growth of pathogens; if the wound was not cleaned properly.

When choosing wound coverings be aware that many people are sensitive to sticky plasters.

First aid Homeopathic help for wounds

The above may be all that is required and healing may be speedy on its own. Small wounds often do not require more attention. But if you feel there is some need for support; you may want to choose a remedy that can help your specific wound and symptoms.

Remedies for use directly after injury:

Arnica   – The first remedy to use as soon as possible after any accident or injury. It is helpful in blunt trauma injury, bruising, sprains and strains, but also has the potential to aid healing, limit bleeding from wounds and reduce risk of infection. (Do not apply Arnica creams etc directly on open wounds, I am talking Arnica in Homeopathic potency here taken orally to help healing from within.)

Hypericum – A great remedy for any wounds or injury involving damaged nerves or nerve rich areas (such as fingertips and soles of feet or tongue) blunt trauma, (partial) amputation, mechanical wounds, deep cuts; often involving loss of sensation and numbness or shooting and cutting pains travelling up. Infected wounds. They feel relief from warm applications, rest and immobilization of the injured part and dislike cold damp, the least touch or being in an enclosed room.

Ledum – Beautiful remedy for wounds created by any puncture of the skin. Eg stab wounds, standing on a nail, splinters, insect or dog bites and injections. There may be bruising around the site (blue going black going green) and the area/skin may feel cold to the touch but not to the patient themselves and they find relief from the discomfort from cold bathing or application to the area.

NOTE; Both Ledum and Hypericum, are remedies that may aid in the prevention of Tetanus.

Staphysagria – Very useful in either surgical wounds or wounds/ cuts from sharp objects or lacerations. It could involve laceration to body sphincters from over stretching or lacerations to the eye. The wound feels excessively painful. And there may be anger arising from this.

Homeopathic help for wounds that are not healing promptly

If a wound is significant in size or if there is difficulty with healing or if wound  infections are common for you; pay attention to your diet, make sure it’s clean and healthy and avoid stimulants, carbohydrates and sugars as much as possible. Address your immune system and use some supplements to aid your body’s ability to heal and overcome infection. Look into Vitamin C, D and Zinc (at least) and add some Echinacea to your regimen until your wound has healed.

If wounds don’t heal promptly there is a risk of infection and puss formation that can cause further complications. So the earlier you intervene on any sign of this, the better it is.

Homeopathic remedies for problematic wounds

There are remedies that can help resolve issues with infection, slow healing and sepsis. However these may fall into the Chronic complaints category and  in this case its advised you seek the help of a qualified homeopath.  Keep in mind; prompt effects will only be achieved, when the remedy is well matched. Pay attention to the causation, the appearance and sensations and modalities of the wound/situation. Before choosing any of the remedies below; read up some more on their details. Just some very brief indications are given, below.

Remedies for wounds turning nasty:

Anthracynum – Malignant ulcers, wounds with fouls smelling discharges, tissues with black discoloration, boils.

Bufo Rafanus – Slow healing wounds. The area either feels numb or triggers Muscle spasms with an inability to move. Regional haematomas triggered by ruptured blood vessels due to the trauma. With the pain there is also a ‘numbness’ of the brain and profuse sweating of the face.

Calc Sulph – There is purulent yellowish discharge

Hepar Sulph – There is redness around the wound and the area is sensitive and painful there may be whitish puss already or there may be impending discharge. There is a tendency to develop suppurating abcesses in general.

Lachesis – There are blueish purple discolorations and the wound may have become gangrenous, there is a sensation of much congestion or fullness.

Phytolacca – Wounds with a tendency to ulcerate. There is an achy soreness. Wounds that could trigger Tetanus (see above), injured fibrous tissues or osseus muscle sheaths. There is much restlessness and prostration and pains seem to fly here and there like electric shocks.

Pyrogen – Infections that are becoming systemic with fevers and chills, red streaking and lymphadenopathy, Sepsis or blood poisoning may be imminent or present. There may be the smell of rotting flesh and discharges are putrid.

Silica – Great if Hepar Sulph doesn’t yield effects. Often; there is a subacute onset or chronic issue with healing and foreign matter imbedded may give cause to infection and inflammation.

Vipera – Great for when the tissue around the wound is hot and swollen and purple and there is much discomfort from letting the affected limb hang down.

If nothing helps…

If you suffer from Chronic reoccurring wounds (abscesses etc), failure to heal wounds, long term ulcers or surgical wounds that don’t want to close; please seek help from a homeopath to help address this on a deeper level and to strengthen your  immune system. The failure to heal and recover promptly is always a sign of an unbalanced system at the core.

I’m happy to help you with the more tricky situations around healing wounds. Feel free to contact me.

  1. * Boericke W. Materia Medica with Repertory. 9th Santa Fe, NM: Boericke and Tafel, Inc; 1927:61.

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