Help! He took a whole bottle…

No, not a whole bottle of Whiskey, nor a bottle of Antibiotics; but a whole bottle of a homeopathic remedy. It seems; that this is not an unusual event, in families where homeopathy is used. Often it’s children who are inquisitive and find their way into the cupboard or the Homeopathic first aid kit. But pets are also not totally innocent when it comes to taking the opportunity when it arises. And nearly daily on homeopathic groups on social media you’ll see a panicked mum asking for help in this situation. Many of us have lived this experience and can sympathize.

Its great that children like taking remedies

It is a credit to Homeopathy that children like to take the pills. If you ever had a taste sensitive child; you know the drama that can ensue trying to give them a pill or table spoon of medicine from the doctors office. Not so with homeopathy’s ‘sugar pills’. Kids love them.

Don’t worry if he took a whole bottle

That is the standard answer. When your child (or pet) has eaten an entire bottle of homeopathic remedy there is no need to panic.

Firstly if they do not need the remedy; It won’t do harm. If they accidently happened to need it (and children are very intuitive and can and do choose to take remedies they need ‘from the heart’) it will be good they took it. But if they take 1 pill, 25 or a whole bottle at once this will still just only be 1 dose.

“How can this be???”

I hear you asking. Homeopathic remedies are not physical doses. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. All homeopathic remedies are extremely dilute . And so much so that the only thing that remains is the ‘memory’ or ‘energetic imprint’ of the original substance. Most remedy potencies hold no physical evidence of the original substance, at all, not one molecule.

One dose or a whole bottle

This ‘energetic memory’ held by the pillules (or the liquid), affects the change, as we take a well indicated remedy. It speaks to us, to our own vibration and therefore we resonate with it to the point our inner energy becomes harmonized once again. If we stick to the analogy of remedies holding a memory of the original substance then taking 1 or 25 pills will still give the same ‘memory’ (you remember someone for 1 minute or 5; you’ll still remember the same person). One or 25 pills still hold the same energy. It does not accumulate just because you take 25 pills at once.

One versus more doses in repetition

It does however accumulate in the amounts of doses you take. Each time you take a dose you give a stimulus to your body. That’s a bit like your little one repeating “mum” 15 times when they want your attention and you are on the phone. That message does accumulate and becomes at its best effective if you wisely pay attention after 3 repeats. Or it becomes very irritating and aggravates you when you keep ignoring it until you absolutely can ignore it no more (they always win lol).

What about Aggravations and Provings?

Taking repeat doses of a remedy whether that is the right one or the wrong one for you; has an impact. If it is the right one for you it may be great at first. But then it ‘overshoots the mark’ so to speak. As you take too much of a good thing, or are being nudged too many times. And this may then cause aggravation of your symptoms. If it was the wrong remedy for you; taking an un-necessary remedy can cause you to start displaying symptoms ‘of the remedy’. Those that the original substance can cause if taken in its raw state. This is what is called; “Proving a remedy”. I already wrote about aggavations and provings here.

In both situations the symptoms will subside if you stop taking the remedy, they will wane and go away by them selves most of the time.

Children have high vitality

Children are most often highly energetic beings, vital and resilient with lots of energy to go around. 1 dose of an accidental unnecessary ( one or 25 pills or 1 bottle) remedy is not going to disturb their own energy too much. Especially if the remedy they took is 30c or lower. If a higher potency was involved; just observe the situation. But know that what ever ensues; it won’t last if no more doses follow.

A whole bottle or not; there are no coincidences

Remedies can’t make things happen that weren’t meant to happen, in the first place. They merely support the body to do what it must to find balance and come to a better level of health. All effects are learning opportunities and healing is a journey. Even seemingly freak incidents, like a whole bottle of remedy being gobbled up in one go, sometimes are just meant to happen. Mum learns to better store her remedies and kids will be fine.

If you worry anyway……. Ask advice

There is nothing worse than fretting about what to do, and there is no need. Please contact your/ a homeopath if you do feel concerned about the effects of taking too much of a remedy or remedies. Assessment of situations like this, is part of their training. And if required they can advise you on what to do to mitigate effects.

If you feel you would like to learn more about using homeopathy in your home with your family, or if you come up against challenges and wish to better your home prescribing skills or general understanding of Homeopathy; feel free to book a mentoring session with me.

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