Animal consultation

Homeopathy can also be used by all animals with health complaints.

Just like with humans their symptoms will be the guideline for accurate remedy choice and the workings of Homeopathy are the same regardless of species.

I have quite some experience in using Homeopathy with animals as there has never been a time in my life where I did not have at least 1 animal sharing my home, which mostly resembled more like a Zoo at times. One of our kids was a SPCA volunteer and we cared for lots of rescue animals as well as our own planned and wanted, much loved pets. I have helped Rats with respiratory issues, cats with abscesses due to bites and dogs with fears, even a chicken with an eye problem and more….

We were dairy farmers for 25 years and used homeopathy extensively with our milking herd of 150 cows in a range of issues from Mastitis to Milk fever and fertility issues to birthing problems. We have saved ourselves so many visits to the vets, costly medicines and toxic materials to use, because of using Homeopathy.

I strongly believe that we need to do the best by our animal friends and preventing suffering should be our first priority. That may include having to take them to the vet. However Homeopathy can either be used initially and on its own or it can be used along side conventional medicines and treatments to compliment their actions if they are needed.


I do prefer to limit my animal consultations to international (outside of New Zealand) clients, wo often do not have access or an option to using an animal homeopath in their country.

Because in New Zealand we are fortunate to have Homeopaths specialized in Animal Homeopathy; I advise those living in New Zealand to seek the help of one of these professionals.

You may find a list of New Zealand Animal Homeopaths by clicking the following link Qualified and Registered Animal Homeopaths

Homeopathy for lifestyle blockers/ Small farmers

I occasionally offer a 90 min webinar for those who are looking at beginning to use Homeopathy with Animals on their property. Read HERE about the next course on offer.

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