What happens during the Homeopathic Process?

Some people say visiting a Homeopath is like visiting an old fashioned doctor. A homeopath takes time to listen to your story, treats you like an individual and is interested to learn about who you are and what goes on in your life. And that is very true. This is particularly so in situations where a client has chronic health issues. Let me explain what happens during the Homeopathic Process.

In longstanding health issues a very first consult with me may take up to 2 hours. In this time and in addition to investigating your complaint with you, I offer you a safe space to share your story with me and to open up about the things that occupy you; in health, in life, in relationships and in general.  It may be your first opportunity to talk openly and to feel truly heard and this is the first step you are taking towards your true healing.

The Consultation

The nature of Homeopathy is such that the choice of suitable remedies is totally dependent on your individual situation. Focus is not only on the specific complaint you come to see me with, but also on anything else that is out of balance with that complaint. There may be a cause or event leading up to the symptoms starting. There may be stresses in your life, that could be of influence. But you may also be experiencing other changes in usual patterns that have started since the main complaint began.

Time will also be spend on exploring your health history so far, and to understand family health trends and history as well as significant events in previous generations can have an impact or your health situation today if they were left unresolved. Homeopathy is unique in being able to address these underlying obstacles to being well.

Holistic approach

As a Homeopath I understand that everything related to you is part of the picture of your situation and will be in relation with your health issue somehow. So if you come in for a Migraine, you may also be asked about your appetite or sleep pattern, dreams or health history. It is a Holistic approach in action that does not divide you up into parts for analysis, but rather looks for patterns and themes to understand the whole person you are. You encompass physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual planes of functioning that all need to be considered. I will receive your story without judgment and with respect for your very personal experience of your unique situation.

Working together

Following this consultation I will be your guide, I will help facilitate your healing by walking alongside you on your journey. Generally this will mean we’ll see each other and will be working together for several follow up consultations. With the help of Homeopathic remedies and while we gain understanding and insight about your needs we will stimulate and maintain your body’s ability to heal itself and to keep on traveling towards health.

Homeopathic remedies are merely a stimulus to your ability to heal, you will be doing the healing once the right stimulus has triggered this to happen. As your homeopath I’ll be there to assess the healing response, the trajectory and pace of healing and to help you keep on course with adjustments to remedies if required. I’ll be there to educate you about and support you through this process.  

Your healing

Remedies ask of your body to change the way it responds. From a position of un-wellness and disarray; they stimulate a balancing of your system and a more efficient energetic coordination and communication between your organs, cells and tissues. I liken it to a re-education and rebooting of your innate being. And on your journey you will find yourself traveling toward re discovering the person you were before you became unwell. This is how people often explain this to me when they say  “I have found myself again”. You may as a result find it easier to; respond effectively to situations, to be true to yourself and set boundaries that serve you, to let go of  burdens of physical and emotional ballast, and to embrace the freedom to enjoy life.

The homeopathic process is one of teamwork and active participation. Working together with the right therapist is important. I offer the opportunity to meet and chat with me without any obligation, so you can decide if what I offer and how I work suits your needs before committing to anything.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiry