What happens during Homeopathic Consultation?

Some people say visiting a Homeopath is like visiting an old fashioned doctor, because a homeopath takes time to listen to your story, treats you like an individual and is interested to learn about who you are and what goes on in your life.

And that is very true. Particularly in situations where a client has had longstanding health issues or a history of consecutive health problems. A very first visit to a Homeopath can take up to 2 hours. But once the situation is known, any following consults will usually take between 30-45 min.

The nature of Homeopathy is such that the choice of a suitable remedy is totally dependent on the individual symptoms of a client. Therefore a homeopath will need to listen carefully to a client relating their situation so as to get to know him or her as a person. A Homeopath will accept the clients story without judgement and with respect for the individual experience it holds.

Focus is not only on the specific complaint the clients comes with, but also on anything else that is out of balance with that complaint. There may be a cause or event leading up to the symptoms starting. There may be stresses in the clients life, that could be of influence. But the client might also be experiencing other changes from their usual patterns that have started since the main complaint began.

Clients can be surprised at the seemingly unrelated questions a Homeopath may ask them. But in Homeopathy everything related to a client is part of the picture of their situation and will be in relation with their issue. So If you come in for a migraine, you may also be asked about your appetite or sleep pattern, dreams or health history. It is a Holistic approach in action. Every individual has physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual planes that all need to be considered.

A Homeopath is not there to tell a client what is wrong with him or her, but will let the client relate their story in their own words and only then will ask questions and take down many notes. Those notes will hold clues to what remedy will be needed and will need to be analysed in a systematic way.

A Homeopath’s main purpose is to find the perfect remedy suiting a situation.

At times a client may not be given a remedy immediately at the end of their consultation if the case requires in depth analysis. However in chronic consultation when longstanding issues are experienced this is usually not found to be a problem.