The first aid cabinet

This page is to help you with your first aid and acute prescribing. An excellent resource for those just starting to learn and seasoned users alike. Its a work in progress; with more information added regularly.

At the moment you will find here

  • Acute Remedy hints in pictures (below)
  • Info on what questions to ask in order to find the right remedy in an acute situation
  • Book ideas for beginner users of homeopathy
  • Dosing instructions
  • Advise for dogs with allergies (not homeopathic)
  • Click HERE for information on the next beginner courses available for “Beginners Homeopathy in the home” and “Homeopathy for lifestyle blockers/ small farmers”

Remedy info graphics

These are very brief suggestions for use. Most remedies can be used in a multitude of Physical, Mental and Emotional situations, but this gives you some starter ideas. The below remedies are excellent to have at hand and if you are wondering which remedies to purchase to start off with these are great to begin with. Don’t overwhelm yourself, keep it simple and add to your kit when the need for remedies arises that way you will purchase remedies that suit your family and fit with the symptoms you regularly come across.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiry