About me

My name is Esther Ritmeester.

I am a Qualified and HINT Registered Classical Homeopath in New Zealand. I work with clients locally and have a borderless practice reaching clients all over the globe via tele-consultation.  While my clinic offers consults to a wide range of clients for a broad variety of  health situations I have special interests in Grief and Depression, Restless leg syndrome and an affinity with Senior health and Palliative care.

R.Hom.Int 22768

My homeopathic Journey

My passion for Homeopathy began with an experience I had as a young first time mum. I had a colicky baby and endless exhausting sleepless nights. A friend suggested I give her a homeopathic remedy to help and she slept through after only one dose of that! It seemed like a miracle to me. I promptly purchased a Homeopathic beginner’s remedy kit and self help guide and taught myself to support my family (and our farm animals and pets) in many acute and everyday situations. From a background of nursing in the Netherlands, then Emigration to NZ, full time parenting and farming I came to formally study Homeopathy for 4 years at the former BOP College of Homeopathy from which I qualified with honours in 2012. I have enjoyed practicing from our rural home since then.

As a Practitioner…

I am a down to earth and practical person with the ability to relate comfortably to a wide variety of situations and people. I find this is an important skill in successful Homeopathic prescribing. While I am classically trained, I am committed to ongoing professional development and will draw from new found knowledge and other homeopathic methodologies should a case call for it. I bring to my practice compassion and a sincere desire to make a difference in someone’s life. I am passionate about helping my clients learn about their ability to heal naturally and gently. I believe there can be improvement in any situation and we are never truly without options.

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