Random facts about me

My name is Esther Ritmeester,

I am of Dutch Descent.

I live on a lifestyle block near Katikati in NZ with my husband, a cat, a dog and some chickens. We grow Hydrangeas and Olives.

I am a wife, mum of 3 and Oma to 2 young granddaughters.

I have been a Nurse, a Dairy farmer, a Play center mum and president, a Homeschool parent and the editor of the member’s newsletter for the NZ Council of Homeopaths.

I know how to drive a tractor, tie a half hitch knot, how to tell a male from a female Weta and how to darn a sock.

I am an eternal learner; have done courses varying from cake decorating to Yoga and Te Reo, always a keen researcher of facts and answers.

I love reading and writing, cooking, baking, gardening. I relish traditional handcrafts and love spinning, dyeing and knitting my own hand spuns.

I love nature, plants and critters great and small.

Driving a manual car, eating cooked beetroot and hard rock music are things I definitely don’t like.

I can’t live without Homeopathy!