Homeopathic Mentoring

I offer Homeopathic Mentorship to those who are looking to begin using Homeopathy, home prescribers, self taught prescribers, student Homeopaths and beginner practitioners. These can be one off sessions to answer a question. Or repeat mentor sessions, in which I can help guide you through a learning process. You’ll have the opportunity to chat Homeopathy with me, and have all your “How to” questions answered. These are NOT case supervision sessions.

I understand, that gaining confidence in using homeopathy and practicing as a homeopath is both rewarding and challenging. As a homeopath myself I have these experiences too. And having the support of a knowledgeable homeopath has helped me through some challenges I have faced in understanding and applying Homeopathy myself. As a peer and from my own journey as a Homeopath I offer you my time, my experience and a listening ear.

Why Homeopathic Mentoring?

There is a lot to take in and to come to grips with when starting to learn or beginning to practice homeopathy. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it helps to receive some support and suggestions to get you started and set up.

Being a homeopath can be a lonely experience. You may at times feel alienated and unable to share your passion even with those close to you. But know you are not alone and that you don’t have to struggle through things on your own.

The homeopathic process you enter in with clients is multi dimensional and as much about them as it is about you as an individual. Your clients bring you the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and as a practitioner. They can bring out the best and the worst of you at times. It is only natural to encounter challenges in practice at times. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, a beginner homeopath, or a homeopathic student, or a self taught home prescriber; it happens. You may then find yourself in need of a person to reflect with. I am that person you can call on.

I regularly find I am being asked for advice by others, or to functioning as a sounding board for other Homeopathic practitioners. It is just who I am and what comes natural to me and I truly enjoy helping others find their way through difficult moments in their practice. In return I find that I learn from this experience too.

What I offer

My mentoring service is mainly aimed at prospective and beginner users of Homeopathy, students and beginner homeopaths or those who do not have stable established practices yet. But I welcome anyone who feels the need to talk through issues to do with the practicalities of homeopathic application.

I offer you my service as a confidant, a mentor and a listening ear. It helps to talk things through with someone independent and objective. Someone who understands where you are coming from and who can help you see a way forward. If you are facing challenges with achieving successes with using Homeopathy in your home or practice, just want to have the opportunity to talk to another homeopath, or are having a difficult time for what ever reason, please feel free to call on me.

Taking care of you is imperative to taking care of others. Take that time, you deserve it.

Mentoring does not involve Case Supervision: as in helping you with active cases you may have or analysing your client situations and prescriptions. This Mentoring is about the practicalities of prescribing and applying homeopathy and being a homeopath.

A Mentoring session can involve any of the following topics and more

  • Help to get started with homeopathy in your home, with your family and pets.
  • Any beginner ‘how to’ questions you may have (re prescribing, analysing remedy effect, deciding on potency, deal with aggravations/ provings etc)
  • Case management (How to manage, assess and deal with client cases)
  • Client management (How to manage client load, admin etc)
  • Setting boundaries in practice (eg difficult clients and challenging behaviours)
  • Safety in practice
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal challenges related to practicing
  • Sceptic encounters
  • Obstacles to success
  • Limiting believes.

If you feel you wish to make use of this opportunity feel free to book a slot that suits your need.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiry.