What homeopathy is……

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine aimed at supporting and triggering the body’s natural ability to heal.

The Homeopathic approach is a holistic one;  It looks at the whole person and recognises that health is a result of physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual levels of wellbeing that cannot be separated and are interconnected with personal and family health history. 

Homeopathic prescriptions are made in the understanding that healing can be stimulated by   matching a remedy to a person’s symptom totality, according to the principle of “Like cures Like”.

A well matched Homeopathic remedy will be one that in its crude state can cause similar symptoms to those experienced. 

Simple examples of this can be the remedy Coffea made from coffee, being helpful in certain it cases of insomnia. Or Alium Cepum made from the onion can be used in colds where eyes and nose are streaming as happens when cutting onions.

Homeopathic remedies are always a highly dilute and energised form of the original substance it is derived from and provide powerful direct stimulus to ones ability to heal and support the restoring of balance on an energetic and deep level.

A prescription sets in motion a healing process and response that is unique for each client.

By restoring inner balance and harmony; improved health and wellbeing are being encouraged from within and many people experience improvement in their symptoms as a result.