What Homeopathy is not

Homeopathy is not an “umbrella term” that describes a variety of different natural therapies.

Although the remedies used in Homeopathy may be made from natural substances also used in other modalities, Homeopathy should not be confused with Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, or other types of natural therapies. It is its own, unique therapeutic system.

The biggest difference is that Homeopathic remedies are very highly dilute medicinal substances. Because of these extremely small doses used, Homeopathic remedies are generally known to be gentle in action, safe to use, without lasting side effects and non toxic. Homeopathy is not a magic cure. 

Just as with other therapies; results depend on the skill of the practitioner as well as the situation, commitment and compliance of the individual patient.

The Homeopathic approach is very different from what we know of the conventional medical approaches and methods and there is still much we need to learn about the mechanisms underlying it.

However there is a lot of clinical evidence and Research that shows Homeopathy to be efficient in many conditions.

It may be hard to explain how it works exactly, but it is certainly NOT Witchcraft, a Religion or a Sect.

You don’t have to believe in it for it to work (It does work on herd animals, babies and those unconscious).