What to expect from taking a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathy is an approach to health that differs a lot from conventional methods. Therefore taking homeopathic remedies will trigger a different healing mechanism and the results we can see may need some explanation. When do you know a remedy is working for you? What can you expect from taking a homeopathic remedy?

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Medicines and interventions prescribed by medical doctors work by suppressing symptoms and mostly without resolving the underlying issue. They may stop you from feeling pain, or being dizzy, or developing an infection. But often times; this only lasts temporarily and medications need to be taken continuously or repeatedly. There is definitely a place for this approach in many situations. We would not want to be without this option. It can help to prevent acute suffering and offers life saving measures no other modality has the ability to produce. However dealing to symptoms is not the same as ‘healing’.

What is health and what is disease?

Symptoms are the culprits, viruses are problems and bacteria are killers; that’s the view in modern medicine. The approach is to remove these by way of suppressing medications, surgery or other methods. Where outside influences (like viruses) are seen as ‘enemies’ and the causation factors of illness; This mindset is based on the “Germ theory”.

Life is full of challenges, there are millions of bacteria and viruses all around us that challenge or help us every minute of every day. And not everyone responds to a virus the same. Sometimes you see a whole household go down with ‘a bug. Yet one person remaining unaffected, even though they live in close proximity of each other. Or one goes down with a virus while the rest of the family remains healthy. This means that there are other factors at play that makes this possible.

A Homeopath’s view on health

In Homeopathy we believe that illness originates in an imbalance in our system. And that that then provides a suitable ‘breeding ground’ for outside threats to take hold. If we are generally happy and healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and look after ourselves well; we will be able to withstand a challenge by e.g. a virus or other outside influence. Our body can deal with it and overcome the issue by itself, without too much disruption or discomfort.

So where in Medicine ‘the virus’ or Symptom is ‘the enemy’; in Homeopathy we see those as ‘warning flags’ (a bit like the red light on your car’s dashboard). They indicate that somewhere in our system is an imbalance that is allowing this symptom to develop. And rather then tackling the symptom; we focus on rebalancing the system and increasing resilience. And we do this by addressing these underlying issues firstly. With that we make the ‘breeding ground’ less supportive of disease and symptoms will disappear.

Because each person is unique in their history and health complaint we need to understand that what we can expect to see from taking a homeopathic remedy is also unique to each case.

A homeopathic remedy triggers our innate ability to heal

Taking a homeopathic remedy gives an energetic stimulus to our self healing mechanism. And that will trigger a process of rebalancing on a deep level. This happens both in acute and chronic conditions when we take a remedy. And in acute situations the remedy response is often quickly noticeable. In chronic situations this healing process can be more prolonged; although positive changes in general wellbeing are most often noticeable soon after starting the prescribed remedy. In general; it is not realistic to expect instant resolution of a problem that you have lived with and build on over a long time, with one consult or one remedy.

What to expect after taking a homeopathic remedy

How you respond to a remedy is an individual matter. It all depends on your present situation and how you have come to this point. Looking at your present health complaint and crisis. It also depends on how vital you are and how long you have been suffering from ill health. When was the last time you remember feeling truly balanced? In great physical, mental and emotional health, in other words truly healthy?

Your (health) history so far may consists of many layers of unresolved and suppressed symptoms, treatments and emotional traumas. Those may have over the years build up like a stack of pancakes. And have ultimately worn down your resilience and ability to cope and be well. You can see that this situation may be complex and needs detailed analysis. And will not just disappear with one consult or one prescription but will require time and involve a process.

When a remedy is prescribed for you; it triggers your body into doing what it can and must do to restore the balance for you. Your body is always set to keep you as healthy as possible considering limitations put on it. And your present state of health is the best your body can do at this time.

Some examples of what to expect after a Homeopathic remedy

A remedy response can not be predicted but will always indicate the historic stumbling blocks you have come across. To give some simple examples of this;

  • If you ate a bad thing and your stomach is feeling yuk; a remedy could induce a quick bout of vomiting or Diarrhoea to expel the offending product. Or you may find relief without any further discomfort at all; if your body was already dealing with resolving this and the remedy would be stimulating a quick resolution.
  • Your chronic complaints may have started after an emotional event or crisis; that you never really talked about much, or expressed yourself in. The right remedy prescribed for you could trigger an emotional expression long held in. E.g. crying after an unexpressed grief or anger at an experienced injustice. Or it may just quietly ease the process of letting go of the trauma; in order to let you move forward with your life.
  • If your physical complaints are the result of a long history of medication use or interventions. Removing the energetic memory of these toxic imprints may be required; before effective functioning can be restored.

Return of old symptoms after taking a remedy

As explained above, healing in chronic situations is not always straight forward and predictable. However, when the self healing ability is stimulated with a remedy, and healing from within is triggered; you’ll embark on a journey. And not unusually this journey will be like a trip through memory lane. Where you’ll revisit symptoms that may have been left unresolved that have added to the pile of burdens. That have got your resilience down. So when you take a remedy you may find yourself having symptoms you have not had for a long time. But just briefly being revisited. If this process is left uninterrupted; the body has a chance to finalise dealing with this issue once and for all. And this often results in long lasting relief.

The below short video may help you to recognise improvement after taking a homeopathic remedy.

How to recognise improvement from taking homeopathic remedies.

Feel intrigued by this explanation? Feel like you would like to discuss with me if homeopathy has something to offer you? Or wish to inquire how this would work in your situation. Please feel free to book a 15 min Intro chat with me; free of charge and with no obligation at all.

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