Homeopathic healing is like a train ride

Homeopathic healing is like a train ride
Health is a journey, not a destination.

What can I expect ?

That’s a question I often hear when I prescribe a remedy to a client, and fair enough too. But it is a question that is easier asked, than answered. Why? Because each individual is a complex being and there is not one answer that fits all. And homeopathic healing is quite like a train ride.

I accept as a homeopath that I may never know the full extend of what your body is able to achieve; given the starting position it is in. But having been witness to many a healing journey I am in awe of  what the human body is capable of; given the opportunity to do so. We are so incredibly resilient.

I have seen people in very dire situations improve very quickly. I’ve also seen others for whom improvement has been more like a roller coaster ride. One person once described her homeopathic healing response to me; likening it to climbing a slippery slope. But once she got to the top she never looked back.

Its all about our ability to self heal

Homeopathic remedies initiate exactly what is needed to start a positive change of direction in your health. A remedy nudges your self healing ability into action, and starts the healing process required and possible given your circumstances. From then on your body decides the course of your journey to health.

Information is gathered about you in the initial consultation. Details about our lifestyle, your health problem and history. The remedy that prescribed; is best indicated at that point in time. A first consultation is to establish a baseline and starting point. The first prescription ‘opens up’ the case. At a follow up consultation we assess your response to that prescription and decide what further steps need to be taken or if changes to approach or prescription need to be made. The aim will be to keep your ‘ homeopathic healing train’ rolling in the direction of health.

Remedy effects

After taking the remedy many responses are possible. You may initially start sleeping better or find yourself having more energy or less pain, this may already have huge positive impact on the way they you are able to cope, but your illness itself may take longer to resolve.

Sometimes your body may respond by cleaning out unwanted or harmful stuff first before healing can truly take place and this may result in temporary discharges like sweating, diarrhea, vomiting or nasal discharge. But it can also be that you have an emotional release like crying or finally expressing your true feelings. When this happens; most often improvement in your overall situation follows.

Other times the only thing we see is that the train has stopped on the downward slope to further health decline. But may need a push with a remedy adjustment in order to climb back up again towards health. And getting it to go again may take some effort. You may have a steadily progressing illness but a remedy may halt or slow that progress before improvement becomes noticeable.

At times improvement is just instant….it does happen. And at other times it is a bit like advancing to the next station; but then having to back track two.

In short……..We can’t predict your homeopathic healing journey when we start.

The train ride to un-wellness decides the return journey to health.

Each person I see has taken time and a certain route to come to their present ill health; and it will therefore take time to retrace that track on the way to a healthier state. Interestingly enough it may literally be a retracing of the steps for some. As in the process of homeopathic healing we may see past unresolved or suppressed symptoms reappear briefly; so that the body can deal with them and let them go. Much like a return trip by train, traveling past stations you’ve seen before and briefly stopping at each.

Health is not just a physical thing but hangs together and is influenced by very many factors. Things like emotional state, mental wellbeing, historic (health or traumatic) events, present day stresses or outlook on the future. Returning to health is a train ride journey; and being well is a process, not a station. Because we ourselves are ever evolving and adjusting to things life throws at us.

How long will it take?

Like the return trip on a train ride requires the same distance to be traveled; a journey back to health takes time. Although travelling back often seems faster due to the ability to recognize familiar places. As a rough guideline; I at least expect one month for every year you’ve been unwell to work your way back to health. That may still seem like a long time. Remember that your body is doing the work here and it is doing that from a point of un-wellness to start off with.

Homeopathy is helping your body to heal itself. This is a very different approach from conventional medicine. There, symptoms are commonly suppressed with medication or surgical intervention; so we just no longer feel or see them. In effect we are dumbing our body down with these conventional methods. By not actually listening to it or helping it resolve the issues while it is perfectly able to do so with the right support if needed. In the end taking shortcuts and skipping some stations may leave you confused about where you are or you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even in conventional medicine a doctor can never guarantee a certain outcome or destination. Because every patient is different and time to heal also varies greatly between people receiving conventional medicine.

So what does this mean?

It means that you will have to be open to see any response after taking a homeopathic remedy. Any change however big or small is a sign of your body’s healing. You show trust in your body’s ability to heal; when you embrace that response as a sign of progress in motion. And accept you will not know where exactly it will take you, but forward in your journey to health. We will work together on supporting your body to work things out and find its way to a better health state naturally but on its own schedule and in its own time.

As a Homeopath I am there to travel with you on your homeopathic healing journey and to help you to stay ‘en route’. Remedies may speed or ease your travels, and I’ll meet you at each station you pass through, and help you to stay on track.

Practice gentleness, care and patience with yourself, take care on your ride, understand your journey so far and trust that your body is capable and will do all it can for you to return you back to health ……..

Enjoy your ride!

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