What to expect from taking homeopathic remedies?

A response to a Remedy is very individual and depends on the history and intensity of your issue and your personal  situation.

Your Homeopath will refer to expectations at the time of your prescription.

After taking a remedy it is possible you may find i.e.;

  • Instant and lasting relief.
  • Slow but progressive relief from your prescription.
  • A temporary intensification of your issues before finding relief.
  • You may start to feel better in yourself, yet your physical complaint is not immediately resolving but may in due time.
  • You may find your complaint is resolving, but complaints you had in the past may temporarily return to be resolved as well, then disappear.
  • That partial, temporary or no response is seen, and a reassessment of your situation may be needed with an adjustment made to your prescription.

All these responses are normal and can be explained through the Homeopathic process. Your Homeopath will be happy to discuss and explain these to you.