Restless Legs Syndrome, how Homeopathy can help?

Restless Legs Syndrome is a debilitating neurological condition that is characterized by a constant need to move the legs and sometimes other limbs. There is an uncomfortable sensation in the limbs that affects sufferers particularly when at rest, and in the evening or at night. This restlessness prevents rest and relaxation and often results in insomnia. Let me tell you why you could consider Homeopathy to help you with your Restless Legs Syndrome.

As a homeopath I have a special interest in this condition ( I live with a partner who has suffered from this for 25+ years) but I am aware that many people with Restless Legs Syndrome, do not realize Homeopathy is an option for them. Do you know homeopathy could help you in a multitude of ways?

The name of the condition; “Restless Legs Syndrome” somehow does not seem to acknowledge the seriousness and severity of many sufferers reality. Medical doctors don’t always understand the complaint well and may be unfamiliar with to up to date information about the best medicines to prescribe. Many people struggle to get the prescriptions they need due to them being restricted medications.

Many conventional medicines
  • Will suppress symptoms, but not cure
  • Work only temporarily
  • Need to be used long term
  • Need to be used in increasing doses to be effective
  • May cause augmentation (a rebound phenomenon, in which the symptoms become worse, more wide spread or more frequent. )
  • Can be addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms
  • Have dramatic and detrimental side effects
  • Cause (or worsen) RLS symptoms, in the first place
It’s Frustrating

While they may bring relief of some sort; these medications will need to be used long term and carry all sorts of issues of their own.  If there don’t seem to be many other options; it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Lack of research and information in the field, may stem from the fact that it’s just not such sexy subject. Or that no one thinks that Restless Legs will kill anyone. However; this complaint has the potential to significantly impact quality of life. And there are tragically high rates of anxiety and mental health issues within in the RLS community.

Many people, suffer in silence and in isolation, have given up talking about it, searching for answers and solutions or have lost hope all together. They grin and bear when someone again suggests to “just take Magnesium”.  They pace the floors at night or try to distract themselves when all they want to do is sleep.  But if you are suffering from restless legs or know someone who does; I want you to know that Homeopathy can help.

I know you may be skeptical. You may find it difficult to seek help from a natural therapist or to be open to alternative options, like Homeopathy, when it comes to RLS. I can understand this. If you can’t cope even with all the strong medications you are using why on earth should a gentle and natural method be any use??? It may have been a long road you have been walking to get to where you are now. But the fact that you are reading this blog is a sure sign that your issue is still bothering you and you may still be struggling at least some times or you health may be suffering from the medication you need to take. You are still searching for answers.

Let me tell you about homeopathy. It’s not a cure-all for everyone, it’s not a magic wand and it does not exclude using other methods and medications. It is one option you can explore. One tool in your box.

How could Homeopathy help in Restless Legs Syndrome?

While conventional medicine uses interventions and medications to go against what the body is trying to achieve; Homeopathy works with the body. It helps and support the body to work out what it needs to, in order to be the best it can be for you in order to function optimally. Your body is able to heal. It has a desire to be well and balanced and with Homeopathy we utilize this ability for self healing in order to regain healthy functioning and a balanced system.

If even the strongest medications are failing you, you may feel skeptical about the possibility that Homeopathy could help you directly with your Restless Legs symptoms. But let me surprise you and tell you that Homeopathy can also offer you support more indirect ways which have the potential to contribute to your quality of life also.

Homeopathy may be used in Restless Legs Syndrome to:

  • assist relief of your specific symptoms of RLS (eg. the restlessness and sensations, the frequency and the intensity)
  • help with the effects of having RLS (e.g. insomnia, exhaustion, mental health e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • help mitigate the side effects of medications you are taking
  • support your nervous system
  • aid Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Dopamine metabolism
  • support in medication Detox and with withdrawal symptoms
  • Support in other health issues you may have. Perhaps you need to take medications for these that may be contraindicated in RLS? (e.g. Antihistamines, Anti Depressants and Antacids). Homeopathy gives you an alternative, options and choice.
  • Help to improve your overall health situation, and resilience. As everything is related. And when you are generally in a better state of health and mental frame of mind; you can be sure you are supporting your body to heal and function more effectively and efficiently.

And it is good to know that you will not be asked to stop taking any of your medications. If you decide this is what you wish to do you need to discuss that with your prescribing doctor before making changes.

A Tailored approach is best

You are unique. What is achievable in your situation depends on many factors. In Homeopathic practice we take all of these things into consideration when determining the best cause of action needed, to help you.

Classical Homeopathic support is always a tailored and individual approach. With the help of homeopathic remedies we aim to bring change in your unique situation. Understanding the intimate details of all your symptoms, the relationships between them and to see them in context of your whole person will determine the right remedy for you. Remedies provide a stimulus to your body’s ability to heal and find balance. There are no two cases the same and what works for one may not work for another.

The fact that in Homeopathy an individual approach is necessary, is exactly the reason why buying an over the counter or readymade combination homeopathic remedy, may not work for you. And I can see that if you try a remedy like that and it does not work or it does only so temporarily; of course this can cause disappointment and may cause you to discard homeopathy as an option all together.

Unfortunately this is like throwing the baby out with the bath water as you haven’t given Homeopathy a fair chance in this way. But with working with a homeopath, who can help you understand how Homeopathy works and who can support and guide you through the process of healing, you may well have a very different experience.

If you wish to discuss your options with me in a free 15 min chat or wish to book a consult please feel free to book below

I’m also conducting a study in order to gain more understanding about the scope of homeopathy in RLS. This may be of interest of you. Please follow the link below to learn more.

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  1. Loreta Hickman says:

    I’ve used homeopathy for years with success with my RLS. But, here lately, I can’t find my products. They are all sold out. Very frustrating!

    • Esthernz says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Loreta. I’m not sure where you are, but feel free to book a 15 min chat (no cost) and we can discuss if there is anyway I can be of assistance in getting you your remedies.

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