The whole picture that is you

You may come in to see a Homeopath about your e.g. Migraine, but what you’ll also talk about will be many seemingly unrelated topics to help them understand ‘the whole picture that is you’.

You may discuss i.e. your sleep pattern or food preferences, your fears, your constipation and your tennis elbow but also the fact that you always have frequent colds in winter or that all the people in your family suffer from heart complaints, as well as your work problems or the relationships you have with others.

That is ‘the whole picture that is you’ a homeopath is trying to get to know and that paints the picture of who you are as a person and how you have come to be in this situation.

This information will reflect the imbalance underlying your issues and (s)he will base your prescription on this. A suitable remedy will be decided on as well matched to your person and looking at all these facets.

Some people feel that a consultation with a homeopath is like seeing an ‘old fashioned doctor’, one that is interested in you as a person and has time to listen.