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I’m exited to share that I have designed two coaching classes for you to help you be confident in using Homeopathy in your own situation with minor ailments and first aid situations.

I am passionate about Homeopathy annd I love to help you discover the wonders it can bring and the freedom it gives one to be able to help family and pets with remedies. I myself started out like this and I never thought Homeopathy would be my Profession one day. Once you know Homeopathy it will be with you for life.

I will offer both classes once a month on either a Tuesday or Wednesday Evening. They are a 90 min online live webinar each.

The fee is the cost per class. If you book it on your own you pay for a private class with tailored advice to your specific situation. If you book it with a group (up to 5) you may share the cost and have fun learning together. So they are a truely economical option.

After booking you’ll receive an invoice and email to inquire about group size and interest in order to tailor the class to your needs.

Two Coaching classes for you

Homeopathy for lifestyle blockers/ small farmers

If you have farm animals and wish to start using some more natural and environmentally friendly methods to help look after their health, this Coaching Class is for you. It will set you up to start out with enough knowledge to be safe and effective in helping your animals with homeopathy in things like injuries, digestive issues and birthing. And its easy to build on to this knowledge as you grow into it. Click here for more information

Beginners Homeopathy in the Home

For those of you who wish to learn about homeopathy enough to start using it at home to help in First Aid situations, with the kids, the pets and the partner this class is great for you. Accidents, ear aches and tummy upsets make frequent appearances in a household and why not learn some ways to support these with homeopathic remedies you can have at hand ready to go. Click here for more information

What will you learn?

Both classes cover essentially the same topics with their own specific focus; either the lifestyle block situation or the family/home situation.

  • Brief introduction to Homeopathy.
  • Safe boundaries in self prescribing, when to call for help
  • advice on anything you need to start using homeopathy on your block  or with your family
  • 5 useful remedies,
  • 5 commonly found problems 
  • How to know what remedy to use, what potency and dose is required and how to give the remedy.   
  • Some case examples
  • Any questions answered

PLEASE NOTE; remedies and books are not included but handy handout with class notes will be send to you, on completion of the Class

If you wish to inquire before booking, Please feel free to contact me:

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int


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