Homeopathy in excessive sweating

Homeopathy in excessive sweating
Consider Homeopathy in excessive sweating.

We all sweat at times. Like it or not; it is normal. We sweat when we are having a good work out or on a hot summers day. But sometimes perspiration can be troublesome. Then its good to know you can use Homeopathy in excessive sweating.

Why do we need to perspire?

To keep body temperature from rising too much; our body uses perspiriration as a natural and efficient tool to cool down. When we are hot droplets of sweat appear on our skin. Our body heat evaporates these. This uses up the excess heat in our body and thus keeps our temperature under control. Its an amazing mechanism if you think of it.

Sweating also helps to keep our skin healthy and prevents it from drying out.

Another function of perspiring is that it is a way of waste elimination through the skin. Toxins and unwanted products are removed from our system with our sweat. Our skin is more then just a bag that holds us in. It is an organ and has pores that are openings to the outside environment. Also its important to note that our skin, the lining of our lungs and our gastric system are all connected. A problem in one of these areas can reflect in issues in another.

Problematic perspiration

While perspiring or sweating is a normal and healthy process this does not mean it can’t be problematic. Some people experience issues with sweating. It may cause them discomfort and embarrassment and may affect their self confidence. This can have far reaching consequences and may result in depression and social isolation.

The cause of perspiration issues is difficult to determine and sometimes never established. Conventional treatment is often drastic. Approaches include medication and surgery. E.g. Anti perspirants with Aluminium, Botox injections, Nerve blockers and Microwave therapy. Where there is impact on mental wellbeing; anti depressants as well as anxiety medications are prescribed frequently

How Perspiration can be problematic

Excessive sweating (Hyper Hydrosis) This can be general involving the whole body or localized (eg palms of hands). Hyper Hydrosis may be a primary issue which means no underlying cause has been found. Or it may be a secondary issue due to underlying medical problems. These can be e.g. certain types of cancer, disturbances of the endocrine system, infections, and medications . The cause of primary hyperhidrosis is unknown. Over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system is thought to be a possible factor. Anxiety or excitement can exacerbate the condition for many sufferers. Other factors may be stimulants like foods, alcohol or caffeine

Unpleasant odors perceived by self or others. Sweat itself is mostly odorless. However it is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in these moist conditions that break sweat down into acids, that causes the unpleasant smell. Excess sweating can increase the risk of skin infections and fungal issues that may carry their own bacteria and smells.

We all know of someone who struggles with smelly feet in a bad way, or a person with a moist hand shake. It is actually very common problem but often unpleasant for everyone involved; not the least the owner of the hands or feet. These are examples of localised Hyper Hydrosis.

Don’t stop it ….its against the flow

Perspiration is a necessary body function in order to maintain a healthy balance in temperature and waste management. It is therefore not a good idea to suppress the production of sweat. If our body produces sweat it does so for a reason. The use of deodorants (with Aluminium), medication and reduction of fluid intake to hope to control sweat production are more harmful then good actions to put in place. They may help with the symptom acutely or short term but do not address the underlying cause.

Homeopathy in excessive sweating

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy, aimed at helping to bring balance back in the system and address underlying causes. You can use Homeopathy in excessive sweating. There are in fact more then 300 remedies that may be helpful in profuse perspiration alone.

The choice for a remedy depends on the specifics of the problem and the prescription will be individual to the person. It makes a difference when, where, how and why the perspiration happens and also what other things are happening for the person involved.

If it is a minor issue you can try find a remedy that helps in the moment. However from the above we can conclude that sweating is a systemic mechanism influenced by many factors. It would be wiser and more beneficial to seek advice from a professional homeopath. They can help you to find a remedy that fits your personal overall situation. That remedy can stimulate your body to restore the balance. This will help to harmonise body functions working together and result in a more permanent support of healthy perspiration.

Commonly used remedies for profuse perspiration

  • Acidum Hydrofluoricum Excessive sweating of palms and feet, better in the cool, open-air, or under a fan.
  • Ammonium Mur Overweight individuals, profuse, uncontrolled sweating.
  • Arsenicum Iodatum: Excessive sweat on body, fatigue at night time, restlessness.
  • Carbo Animalis: Visible hypersensitivity, suffer from foot sweats with an extremely foul odor.
  • Iodum much sweating in humid conditions; a constant need to keep cool.
  • Natrum Mur: Easy and excessive sweating from light work in people who are reserved about expressing their true emotions.
  • Sepia: Often hormonal related, excessive sweat between thighs and armpits with sour odor.
  • Silica: Profuse sweating of head, hands, feet, and underarms, feet can be quite offensive.

I’m happy to help

However if you are having no luck with the remedies above or your relief doesn’t seem to hold; know that that there are many remedies out there that could be a much better fit for you. I’m happy to help you find the best remedy for you, with a more in depth approach.

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