Simply a homeopath

Simply a Homeopath
Homeopathic remedies instigate a ripple effect of changes to benefit your wellbeing.

You know….

  • I’m not a doctor I have no Medical Degree
  • I’m not a Psychologist nor a Psychiatrist
  • I’m not qualified as a Councilor
  • I am not a herbalist, naturopath or acupuncturist.
  • I don’t diagnose the conditions people come to me with
  • I don’t label people nor their complaints
  • I don’t prescribe Chemical Drugs or Medications
  • I don’t have a one size fits all answer for your ailment
  • I don’t have any connections with, nor receive funding from Big Pharma companies
  • I don’t prescribe substances that are harmful to the environment
  • I don’t do 5 min appointments or even 10 minute ones
  • I don’t promise miracles cures or to have all the answers
  • I don’t have endless waiting times, before you can see me
  • I don’t think I can help you, without listening to your story
  • I don’t see a number, I see an individual
  • I don’t mind if you try ‘other’ therapies or think outside the box
  • I don’t make you stop medication or treatments you receive
  • I don’t demand you to stop doing what you enjoy

I am a Homeopath.

My strength is Homeopathy and a strong passion for helping people to improve their health.

  • I listen to you.
  • I hear your story and respect your experience.
  • I gather the information I need.
  • I find you a well matched Homeopathic remedy to stimulate a healing response for you.
  • In turn this will help your overall resilience, your energy and your health.

Simple Really.

If you would like to find out if Homeopathy could help you with your symptoms, or like to meet me to see what I’m about before booking a consult; please click to book a Free 15 Minute Chat. I’m happy to answer any questions.

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int