Homeopathy for a tired Mum

With Homeopathy this tired mum was helped, which benefitted her whole family as a result. Sue (not her real name) came to see me because she was having some trouble with her skin.  She is a 40+ year old mother and wife to a husband, who is away from home all week, for work.

This means she has a lot on her plate. She is a busy mum, the kids are growing up and venturing into new activities, she taxies them to classes, friends and appointments, she councils them about problems, she attends school meetings, helps out with class trips and coaches the school netball team and she helps to pay the bills by doing domestic work. At home Sue is busy with the upkeep of the property, she is conscientious about healthy eating and lifestyle; she just wants the best for her family and everything to be just right.

Skin issues

Her skin is bothering her and has done so for a long time, she has circular eruptions that may appear anywhere on her body. They are neither painful nor itchy but she is conscious of them as they cause a long lasting light discoloration in her tanned skin as they heal and she doesn’t like the look of that.

However our talk soon turns to other things and it becomes clear we need a homeopathic remedy to help this tired mum.


Sue feels she is low in energy and motivation for things that she usually enjoys “I just can’t be bothered” is an expression she uses a lot. But she also shares with me that she “couldn’t sit in an office all day, she loves the physicality of her jobs and feels good after a good bout of cleaning” There are difficulties with her pre-teen daughter who requires her attention a lot.

It is clear from listening that she feels fed up with many things. “Everyone always needs me!” and “It is dragging me down”. She is feeling increasingly irritable, particularly before her period begins and says she “can fly off the handle pretty quickly at times”.


She is also becoming more and more irritated by her husband, she complains “Why do I always have to tell him what to do! It is like having a 3rd child at home”. She is experiencing some hot flushes and she is suffering a lack in libido. There are worries about money and having “only just enough”, which are a big issue for her, “I feel I’m stuck” she says of the way this impacts her.

Overall I can see a clear picture emerge from her story and feel this tired mum matches with the remedy Sepia.

After the remedy

A month later I catch up with Sue again. It seems this tired mum had benefited from Homeopathy. She sounds a lot happier, she is feeling more energetic. She tells me she has given up one of her jobs because she did not enjoy it. I’m surprised to hear this as money is tight and this was such an issue for her in the previous consult, but now she doesn’t appear so worried about that.

Sue is working through some other big decisions about some of her work. I don’t hear much about the husband at all in this consult. But (only) when I ask she says the libido issue hasn’t much changed yet. Her periods have come easier too, she is less irritable beforehand. She feels she is dealing with her daughters demands much more patient and understanding.  Just two small skin eruptions have appeared in this month, a lot fewer than usual and they seem smaller and to have progressed faster than was normal too.

All these things show us that the remedy has had a wide and positive effect on her situation.

The Homeopathic effect

It has helped Sue take ownership of the situation and move toward changing things that would make a difference. It helped her to become ‘unstuck’ to take action and to see what she needed to do.  Homeopathic remedies have a gentle effect and often play a key role in unlocking the potential, bringing clarity and reigniting the spark within someone.

This mum is well on the way to once again enjoy her situation, her family and relationship. Even though the libido is still an issue; I’m expecting to see a change in this in time too as she returns for follow up visits. After all Sex drive is a ‘luxury item’ in the scheme of things. Only when all is in balance again, that spark will also reignite.

I’m glad Sue came to ask me for help as because of that not only this tired mum but her whole family has benefited from the homeopathy and the remedy she took.

At times busy mums get stuck in their day to day situation and accept that ‘this is how it is’ while being slowly dragged under and starting to feel low and irritable. Motherhood is easier to cope with if the core is strong and balanced and Homeopathy can help to regain that as you’ve seen in Sue’s case.

I am a mum too, and I understand that is not always easy, that is why I love to be of help to mothers and why I would love to help you too.

If you feel you could do with some support and would like to book a Free 15 min chat to discuss your needs or you wish for a consult with me please click below.

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