What do I do?

oranges-2-1327797-1279x1705Do I ever get the Flu? And if so what do I do?

At this time of the year this is a question I often hear and I thought it may be good to write about it.

Firstly like you, I always think ‘this will not happen to me, I won’t get it this year” (there is nothing like good old optimism!)

Secondly I follow the self help tips I’ve written about before to support my immune system, with diet, exercise and common sense every day ideas, to try and be as healthy as I can achieve before the winter hits and then continue through the colder periods.

But I am by no means perfect and at some point I may feel that tickle in my throat or the shiver down my spine, or the aching in my bones or the dripping of the nose or just that extreme tiredness that can floor one in the blink of an eye… that announces to me that my body is battling.

This really is a good thing; bodies that can battle viruses are healthy. That doesn’t mean one won’t feel sick. But it does mean each virus or bug is an opportunity for our body to practice its defence system and grow stronger, if we let it.

  • The dripping nose or that productive cough or the diahrrea are a sign of rubbish being transported out of your body.
  • The fever is your body heating up enough to kill off any unwelcome intruders
  • The pain is to tell you to stay in your bed and rest, your body is working hard, give it a chance to succeed.
  • And the exhaustion is just a result of your body working hard inside to help you; it just can’t cope with anything else.

So, I want to help my body through this as quick as I can as I am a busy lady and being sick and lying in bed is not really my thing.

At the very first sign of ‘coming down with it’, I immediately grab my remedy Anas Barb. And take a dose.

I find if I do this, 8 out of 10 times my symptoms just go away. Sometimes I have to repeat it another time or 2 within 12-24 hrs but usually that is enough. From then on I may choose to take 1 weekly dose of Anas Barb as long as the Flu is doing the rounds.

If I have taken 3-4 doses but go on to develop Flu anyway, I know Anas Barb is not the right one in this instance and I use other well indicated remedies to help me cope with my symptoms, always trying to stay one step ahead and responding quickly to changes in my situation. Usually I find I am not sick for long.

While I know Anas Barb is a good remedy for me, it is my experience that it seems to work best for those people who are not susceptible to developing ‘chesty’ complaints.

Those who usually and frequently experience their colds and flu ‘going straight to their chests’, resulting in rattling coughs, bronchitis and/or pneumonia may be better off using the remedy Briegers Nosode in the same way as I explained I do with the Anas Barb.

Anas Barb and Briegers Nosode are just some tools in the kit of a Homeopath.  Like with any method it is not fail proof and it is good to stay realistic.

Whatever you use be it Homeopathy or the Flu vaccine or Supplementation, each method will have different responses in different people. Some may find one helpful others less so. But I personally prefer to try the most natural, least harmful, less intrusive options first before I move on to others and often times Homeopathy is part of that and I find I can stay away from the doctors clinic.

Your best bid is always to remain as healthy as you can to give your body the chance to resist.

And as always you should seek professional medical advice should your symptoms persist or if they cause you concern.

(Image with thanks to; FreeImages.com/Carlos Paes)

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