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Well it is definitely summer time in New Zealand. How wonderful too that this gorgeous weather coincides with the Holiday period. If you are camping, or going away with your family soon, enjoy it!

Don’t forget to pack some essential Homeopathic remedies, a little first aid kit is invaluable and makes it easy to help yourself and your loved ones quickly when needed. Add a basic self help Homeopathy book and you are all set!

Here are a few remedy suggestions for support in common Summer Holiday complaints;

  • Bee stings and/ or Anaphylactic shock (resulting from Bee stings or other) – Apis
  • Sprains, strains, bruises, bleeding, shock resulting from injury – Arnica
  • Sun Stroke with throbbing headaches– Glonoine
  • Sun burn (or to assist with excess exposure to Sun) – Sol (NZ)
  • Food Poisoning with diarrhea and vomiting and burning sensations – Arsenicum Album
  • Over indulgence/ Hangover/ Stresses where irritability causes angry confrontations – Nux Vomica

In these first aid situations initial dosing can be every 5-15 min (up to 4-6 doses) until improvement is noticed. As soon as improvement is noticed, the interval between dosing can be increased but always stop using the remedy when significant improvement is evident and only repeat a dose if and when improvement wanes and symptoms regress.

If after 4-6 doses no improvement has taken place, stop using the remedy and re-assess situation. A different and better indicated remedy may be needed.

Remember that a remedy can only be effective where it is accurately matched with the situation. The above remedy suggestions are only the most frequently used few in the said situations; there are many others that may be better suited in the individual case. But it is a start.

Usual First Aid rules still should be applied in all incidents and if you are concerned about a situation you should always seek professional medical advice. Safety first in all situations.

  • Any emotional upsets, anxiety, fear, nerves etc – Rescue Remedy.

This Flower essence may be taken as needed to assist with overwhelming emotions and used to restore calm in many situations.

Happy Holidays every one!

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