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Last night we enjoyed a wonderful evening in Taupo.

We were invited by our fertiliser company Uptake to attend their Mid Winter Christmas dinner and had a great time. It is always lovely to meet new people and get off farm. We enjoyed a good meal in the company of fellow clients and exchanged experiences. There was music and gifts and a jolly good spirit to boot.

You may think so what has this got to do with Homeopathy? You may instantly have the picture of fertiliser creating pollution and funding big companies in mind when you read the above.

Such is the power of corporate business messages and media reporting.

However there are certainly companies out there in the farming scene that truly do things in a different way and Uptake is one of those.

We’ve been customers of Uptake for 12 years now and the proof of their approach is in our pudding. We are enjoying healthy soils, great quality and yield of pasture for our animals and therefore very minimum health issues to deal with. Our stock is healthy and happy. We don’t drench, don’t have milk fever, don’t see eczema don’t have bloat in our herd. Our vet rarely gets called out for acute health issues in our cows. If we do encounter an issue we’ll try Homeopathy first to solve it and oftentimes it does. It is cost effective both as a fertilizer program and as a result of the flow on effect of having healthy soil.

Last night at the dinner we met others with like minded attitudes. People who are passionate about doing the right thing by their land and animals and all have experienced similar improvements to ours while using the Uptake approach. It felt uplifting and motivational to meet and talk with people who are ‘like you’.

So what is different?

First of all it is a smaller NZ company with a personal approach, it just about feels like a family of people who care.

Secondly they provide a tailor made fertilizer program to your very specific situation, based solely on your soil test, your animals health and performance and your systems and aims. You apply what your farm needs (based on tests and evidence) and not what serves the fertilizer company best or what you’ve always done or what the neighbours do. Not a one size fits all but individual approach.

Thirdly they focus on applying environmentally friendlier products and trace minerals and aim to balance your soils ecological system keeping in mind that every particle and element has their place and influences others in the cycle of life and health on the farm.

All through last evening I could not help but think how similar this Uptake philosophy is within the greater Fertilizer industry to what my philosophy is as a Natural Health practitioner within the greater Health Industry picture.

And the other striking similarity is that Like Natural therapies so often get put down by the big players in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, Uptake certainly is not enjoying a great reception with the bigger corporate fertilizer companies.

Both Natural health clients and Uptake clients see the evidence of their choices in their health (or that of their animals/stock) and often get praising comments for their performance and radiance, yet others are hard pressed to make the change.

I had the opportunity to set up a little Homeopathy display last night and talk with some about what I do as a homeopath. I felt that there was openness and willingness to understand Homeopathy and learn in this group of people.

Perhaps that is what happens when the first step to change has already been taken and you see what is possible with less conventional approaches.

It becomes less scary to be different when you reap the benefits.

Thanks John Davies, Tarnia and the team at Uptake, for a wonderful evening!

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