Treat yourself to Homeopathy this Christmas

xmas-feetGetting ready for Summer and Christmas……Yes, they are only just around the corner, where did the year go???

There is nothing like being prepared and feeling ready.

Summer Holidays, Christmas dinner and Presents, what are we going to do?

Well perhaps I can help you finish this year on a high and start the New Year on an even higher note.



  • Stocking up on some handy to have ‘Summer remedies’, a homeopathic first aid kid for your camping trip or even remedies to  help you cope with the aftermath of festive indulgence or the stress of it all. I’m happy to advize on what you may need.
  • Gifting your friends or family some remedies. Something different and useful. A nice helpful combo is a bottle of Arnica and a bottle of Rescue Remedy, handy to have at hand for those every day accidents and injuries and a good introduction to using Homeopathy and Flower essences at home.
  • Buying a Voucher to gift to a dear one that entitles them to a consult with me….Imagine being a catalyst for change!
  • Treating yourself to a consultation. Make it your New Years resolution to employ a natural and gentle therapy like Homeopathy to really encourage your inner health and address some of those niggly issues that have bothered you for a while.
  • Book the kids in to see me while they have time off school, the holidays will give them a good chance to pick up before the new school year starts. Homeopathy is a great support in that process and can help address any one off or on going existing health issues (ear/nose/throat/allergies/ eczema etc). Physical issues may  be undermining their performance and/or be causing behavioural issues. Many kids feel excited but others may be anxious  with the anticipation of Christmas or the upcoming new school year.  Homeopathy can be applied in these situations and may assist in growing confidence and moderating emotional turmoil and strong feelings.

I will be open for business a usual throughout the Summer break but my clinic will be closed on Dec 24-26, Dec 31 and Jan 1st.

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