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ADDH is a label so commonly used today that it seems we’ve got an epidemic at hand.

It seems… we may question if each label is stuck on for the right reasons, if each labelling is well considered and if each child labelled has been assessed and catered for individually.

Children in today’s world are living in a fast paced environment and are exposed through media to information they may not be ready to process adequately, their parents may be under stress of job and financial strain, their family may be in turmoil, their diets may be wanting good nutrition or be too full of additives, their energy needs to be curbed to fit in the classroom environment for hours each day and their outdoor explorations can only be limited due to fears for safety or city living. It may well be all that these factors come into play all together…..

There are a lot of reasons why a child may be restless or misbehaving or distracted. ADDH is definitely one explanation but not all ADDH children are the same, they are individuals.

Conventional approach is often a one size fits all medical prescription, that may have side effects and will at best suppress the expression of the child’s distress. It is easy to think that if we can do away with the behaviour, the problem is then solved. But does that actually solve the underlying issue, the reason behind the child’s behaviour?

It doesn’t….and it may be that by preventing behaviour to be expressed naturally, new problems may arise.

Homeopathy may be applied in ADDH.

Through careful case taking a homeopath will discover what underlies and characterizes the problem and will prescribe a remedy that fits that child’s specific situation. This remedy supports growth and maturity in expression by helping them to process their situation and respond in a more effective way and therefore alleviating overwhelming emotions.

In the article below you find nice illustration of how homeopathy can help in ADDH and behaviour issues.

Give me a call, if you feel Homeopathy is an option you may wish to investigate for your child!

ADHD Different Etiologies and Three Surprising Homeopathic Remedies

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