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Mercurius Solubilis; also referred to as Quick Silver, is a metal that in its pure form is liquid at room temperature. In Homeopathy we refer to it as Merc Sol or Merc Viv or simply Mercury.


Commonly used in thermometers, barometers and other scientific instruments. And because it conducts electricity; Mercury is used in streetlights, fluorescent lamps and advertising signs.

Mercury easily forms alloy (or Amalgams) with other metals, such as gold, silver, zinc and cadmium. Amalgams are used to help; extract gold from its ore , create dental fillings and extend the life of dry cell batteries. It also forms useful compounds with other elements. Mercuric chloride; a very poisonous salt once used to disinfect wounds. Also called Calomel; it is an antiseptic used to kill bacteria. Mercuric Sulphide; used to make a red paint pigment called vermilion. Mercuric Oxide; used to make mercury batteries. You can see it is a commonly occurring metal in our environment.

Mercury is however highly poisonous and can enter the body through the respiratory tract, the digestive tract or directly through the skin. It may accumulate in the body, with the target organs being the Kidneys and the Brain; eventually and potentially causing severe illness, decay, disintegration and death.

Mercurius in Medicine

Historically Mercury (the pure metal) was used medicinally. For instance in the treatment of diseases like Syphilis and Typhoid fever or parasites. The use of Mercury in medicine has repeatedly led to controversies because of its toxic effects. Thimerosal which contains Mercury, has been widely used as a preservative in vaccines, which remains a controversial subject around the globe today.

Exposure to Mercury is not so uncommon, even in todays age; but it is more hidden as an ingredient in various medications and products.

In Homeopathy, pure Mercury is ground with milk sugar (lactose), then diluted and shaken, in multiple repeated cycles to make a remedy of very high dilution. That carries only the energy and imprint of the Mercury characteristics, and leaves no physical substance. This removes the toxicity and makes it safe to use. To learn more about what homeopathic remedies are click HERE

We apply it in those situations where people express health symptoms that resemble those that people exposed to more pure and physical doses of Mercury, would display. And these are not pretty. They are signs of decay and disintegration with yellow discharges and foul smells.

How to recognise Mercurius

So when would we prescribe Mercury? What are we looking for in someone if we want to consider Mercury for them?

We can use Mercury if there is an actual history of exposure to this metal having caused problems. But we can also use Mercury; if the symptoms displayed are AS IF someone had been exposed to it. We look for ‘changes from their normal self’ that resemble symptoms of Mercury exposure.

The remedy Mercury has a strong affinity with blood, mucous membranes, glands, genitals, cellular tissues, joints, bones, teeth and skin. And also with the right side of the body where symptoms are often more pronounced.

People needing this remedy are WORSE at NIGHT, from night air, while lying on their right side, from getting hot, for changes, cloudy or cold damp weather, having wet feet or fright.

Like the Mercury in the thermometer, these people are very reactive and sensitive to temperature, changes in general and in temperature and drafts. They take cold easily and generally feel much better in moderate temperatures. They may fluctuate between extremes easily and suddenly, they are fluid people.


When I think of Mercury I think of The Mad Hatter – in the Alice in Wonderland Story who is Hurried, Impulsive and Forgetful. But there are also associations with the planet Mercury, of course and The Greek god Hermes who is the god of Trade and Science, and Alchemy. As in every remedy there are positive and negative polarities. Merury people may be people with ‘quick silver’ thoughts; Entertainers, Performers, Mimics, Debaters with ‘the gift of the gab”. Or they can be fanatical, paranoid, and volatile. There is creativity and also decay, disintegration and death.

Characteristics of Mercurius Solubilis

There are a great variety of characteristics which may make us think of Mercury, like; swelling, redness, congestion, ulceration, rawness. Discharges that are; thin, slimy, acrid, burning, foul or thick, green-yellow, bloody.

We see extremes at both ends; either weakness and trembling feeling like they are ready to sink down, with exhaustion and forgetfulness. Or someone who is restless and hurried and nervous. Or changeability from one to the other.

There will be those who’s symptoms just make them appear dirty and foul smelling, with much sweating and salivation.

Often Mercury people will like (or strongly dislike) alcohol, drugs, sweets (stimulants) bread, butter and cold water. But they will often avoid meat. They are worse for fasting and feel much better for eating something. They have a very narrow comfort zone; Its quickly too hot or too cold and their symptoms are often more pronounce at night..

Once you know what you are looking for it is a remedy that is not too difficult to recognize, it is one we frequently use.

Symptoms of Mercury

There may be headaches with a sensation as if there is a band around the head. A headache with ear and toothache or sore throats or teething causing ear aches.

We see; Bad breath. A dirty tongue that is large and flabby and indented. Much saliva that flows easily, and tastes bad.  Painful, swollen, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, metallic taste. Sore throat, tonsillitis or enlarged tonsils. Salty, lips, taste, expectoration, etc.

I can think of dirty nosed/faced children with annual colds producing yellow snot and chesty problems, with a dry cough at night but yellow-green sputum, by day.
Or little ones who’s teething causes much drooling of saliva, pain and ear infections and may have foul smelling breath to go with it.

We may need Mercury in skin issues like ulceration; as we may see on the legs of the elderly. Proud flesh or raw meat looking areas or crusty moist eruptions like we may see in eczema. People needing this remedy often sweat profusely, their perspiration may stain yellow and it does not bring them any relief.

This remedy may also be characterized by yellowness; of the  eyes, teeth, nasal discharge, or in liver issues and Jaundice.

Using Mercurius the homeopathic remedy

Overall you could say that a Mercurius patient may undoubtedly be somewhat off putting. Either by their smell, their looks or their sweat, or even because of their volatility or changeable symptoms you can’t get a grip on. They can’t help it; so please don’t hold it against them.

If you feel that the picture fits what you have just read; just grab some Mercury and let them come right.

Mercury is not the only remedy that can be elusive and in Chronic complaints it is best to work with a homeopath. If you feel I could be of assistance, feel welcome to book a Free of charge 15 min chat with me to discuss your options.

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