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Ledum Palustre –  also known as Marsh Tea or Wild Rosemary is a shrub that thrives in cold damp growing conditions.

It is certainly one of the Remedies you don’t want to miss,  in your First Aid Homeopathic remedy kit.

Ledum has many uses like all Homeopathic remedies do. It is particularly useful in insect stings, animal bites and some arthritic or rheumatic situations.

But to be able to choose Ledum as a remedy in a certain situation we must understand its characteristics first.

So what is most striking in Ledum?

Coldness. The person is very chilly or (parts of him may be) very cold to the touch but doesn’t perceive it that way himself. Despite his chilliness he wants to be uncovered, he feels better for cold applications, cold bathing or putting his feet in icy cold water.  They may be chilly and sweat a lot at night but still  don’t want to be covered. I Know ……this is unusual and I am starting to shiver as I write this brrrrr.

Should a person needing Ledum suffer from stiffness due to arthritis, you’ll be surprised to find he’ll loosen up from cold bathing. Yes, that is totally opposite another remedy we talked about earlier; Rhus Tox which feels better for hot bathing.

Ascending Pain/Symptoms.  Pain in Ledum may start in the extremities and travel or extend upwards. In Rheumatic conditions we may see pain in the lower extremities that over time travels up. Or we may see pain starting at the site of a wound and travelling up from there towards the heart.

Puncture wounds, bites and stings.  In any form or shape.  Where there is little bleeding but swelling and inflammation. There may be much pain on touch, and the site of injury becomes cold, pale, blue or black or purple mottled and numb/paralyzed. We may see ascending pain and relief from cold application. We can think of stepping on a nail, injection sites or splinter under the nail, but also the skin being punctured by the sting of an insect or the tooth of a dog.

We may also think of Ledum in abscesses and septic conditions that are tender and relieved by cold.

Ledum (as well as Hypericum) has been used to help in Tetanus and may be considered in cases where this poses a risk. It should also be considered in negative local effects from vaccinations, such as induration or hardening at the site of the injection.

Rheumatic conditions acute or chronic especially if symptoms start at the periphery and travels upward and there is a relief from cold. For arthritic pain Ledum may help with functional pain, from arthritic nodosities in the fingers, feet and other joints or the pain of gout. The patient is cold, but he is aggravated from the heat of the bed and the pains are worse at night.

Tendency to sprain ankles, crush injuries to fingers and toes or ankle sprains with swelling, and painful soles of the feet, with the characteristic ascending pains or relief from cold, naturally.

Bruising  When there is long lasting discoloration after injuries and bruising just doesn’t want to clear up. Even after the use of Arnica. Bruising that is blue or black. It is said that Ledum is better then Arnica to use for clearing up a black eye.

People needing Ledum may have a restless mind and desire to be alone. It is said they are inclined to be ill humored, angry and dissatisfied with a dislike for his fellow beings.

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