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What has your Athletes foot in common with your Sleeplessness????


If you suffer from both these things that happen in you, YOU are the connecting factor and if we want to help you overcome these issues we need to look at all of who you are, to find out what has caused you to show these signs of un wellness.

We are more then our single body parts together. We are more than material, there is an energy about us and we feel emotion. We have connections that are historic, i.e. through generations and family, and those that are current and make us interact with our loved ones and community and our future generation.

Our health is connected to and determined by all these things that are us, it is complex and fascinating and totally unique to us as a person.

A great Analogy perhaps is a Tree.
Visualize a beautiful Lone Pine Tree like the one in the Photo which is on our farm.

That tree on a material level is a root system, a trunk, branches, needles and pine cones.

Should you study the Root of this tree, without knowing where it originated from, you would see a root. You may be able to see that it is long or wide, old or new, strong or weak. But solely looking at the root is not going to give you the appreciation of the Tree that owns it, you won’t know how it looks, where it survives and what its presence means within its environment.

While that root is part of the tree. That tree is more than its root. It is also more then its material presence.

That root connects this tree to the soil, it helps this tree to anchor itself and feed of the nutrients the earth provides, to grow, to survive.

The tree is also shade and wind break to stock and nutrition to small critters, it is a home to birds and a beauty to the eye, it is imposing and awe inspiring, it is rustling and snapping branches, it is swaying and pine smell, deeply cracked bark and sticky gum, a bed of needles at its feet and pinecones dropping and providing humans warmth in the fireplace, seedlings sprouting.

Its survival and shape, its characteristic has come about through qualities passed on through generations of Pine Trees before it. This particular Tree has adapted to the situation it has found itself in, that has changed over it’s many years of existence. It was part of a magnificent line of “Old man’s Pine” once, now it is solitary.

If we want to know how we can help this tree to remain strong and be with us for many more years, we cannot just look at it’s root or its cone or its trunk. We have to look at ALL that is this tree.

We have to examine its environment, look at the nutrition it receives, study the climate and weather conditions it endures, look at the stresses it experiences from the stock at its feet or the cultivation of the land around it.

When this tree shows signs of struggle, the first thing we notice is perhaps a brown patch of needles on one branch far away from the trunk. Is this the problem??? No, that may come from elsewhere, the brown needles are a sign of warning. If we don’t take heat and do nothing or if we simply cut the brown patch away, we may one day find a whole branch of brown needles that ultimately becomes weak and snaps in an autumn storm. Is this the problem???? No the problem has been allowed to grow and affects the tree more deeply, this fallen branch is again a warning sign, more clear as we did not listen first time around. So this branch ends up in the fireplace and the tree actually looks much better now that that sick part is gone. One day we wake up and look out of our window and our tree has snapped in half lengthwise. This has exposed the rotten core of the trunk to the elements. Its remains stand lopsided on the hill……More firewood, but much less Tree and half the potential and beauty destroyed. It is weakened now and we see it topple over in the wind, not even a decent storm…Uprooted, no more connection to the earth, unrestorably damaged.

What have we lost? Not just the root or the trunk, the branches, the needles and the cones. We have lost a landmark, a provider, a companion and part of our history. We are sad and think “we should have got the Arborist in when those first needles were browning….”

When we are unwell within; our body gives out signs of warning. We call those signs symptoms. These symptomss will always be the least intense or serious the body can provide at the time. If we ignore the signs or suppress them or take them away our body needs to scream louder and it will find new, but more serious signs to make you pay attention. Once again, if we fail to address the underlying issue yet more serious signs are put up and thus more and more complex or serious health issues will be developed.

The underlying issue is not a material one, it is an imbalance at our core. Our Vital force, as we call it in Homeopathy, is disturbed. This plays at our energetic level. Its the part of us that science does not yet comprehend very well. But it is there.  The mechanism that somehow works at keeping us healthy and alive given any circumstance and at all cost until it absolutely cannot do so any longer.

Health at this level, balance at the core, is a process depending on all the challenges and stresses we face every day. Homeopathy works at this level. That is why we say “healing from within” and it will lead to “Whole health”; that which is achievable for you in your individual situation.

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int


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