Practicing again!

Yes!!!! I am back to practicing in mmy new Location; Katikati, New Zealand!

It has been very quiet on this blog for a long time!

That is because a lot has happened in that period and I have had to step back from practicing to cope with changes in my life and circumstance. We have moved from Tokoroa to Katikati while also making lots of other changes in our lifestyle and routines; but I am back and ready to take on new clients again, now that we have settled in.

In that eventful period I have been implementing some of the advice I often give my clients; around self care and nurturing, taking time to balance yourself again to regain energy and enthusiasm for things you know you enjoy.

Life happens….to clients and Homeopaths alike =)) we are all but people.

People think sometimes that because I am a Homeopath or natural health practitioner I must have it all sussed; be in pristine health and always coping and never sad and probably very good at taking my remedies, never forgetting…..  

I can assure you that as a Homeopath and fellow human being I also experience ups and downs in my health and wellbeing and do forget to take my remedies at times or feel sadness and eat junk food occasionally too. I seek help when things are not going well and I learn from my experiences.

It is this being human and life happening to me too that helps me to understand others and be compassionate and capable of assessing my client’s situations in order to help them.

My practice will looks a bit different this time as I will no longer receive clients at home.

I will be seeing clients in person at the lovely Health by Nature Shop in Katikati.

Shelley there has done amazing work to provide Katikati with a wide selection of natural health products. She is also a medical herbalist and does hair follicle testing too! I suggest you go and have a look for yourself if you haven’t been in yet.

I am also offering the option of Skype/ video call consultations.

I realise there are people who are out there without transport or too unwell to travel or even just too busy or too far away and (although I do prefer taking at least an Initial consult “face to face” as it feels a lot more personal without the use of a device) this option will be catering to those who would otherwise not be able to see me at all.

I have updated my website and details to reflect the changes I have made.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and/or ask questions. I’m here to help.

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int