Change your tune!

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Change can be challenging at the best of times and even if you chose it purposefully.  

It takes effort and energy and I understand that if you are feeling unwell, perhaps coping with chronic pain, feeling drained of energy and/or not in control of your situation, taking the step to change and add to your list of  ‘stresses’ does not appeal at all.

Just continuing what you are doing may be all you can bare even though things are not ok.

You maybe seeing a doctor and are taking multiple medications but there seem to be no great improvements. Due to your ill health you may be unable to exercise daily, your diet may be poor because you just don’t have the energy to shop let alone cook, your housework is just too daunting and you know that you ‘should’ be doing things differently, you feel guilt and perhaps even shame. A vicious circle perpetuates. You feel stuck and hopeless.

This is an excellent time to start Homeopathic treatment.

“Yeah right” I hear you think.

“I can’t get there, I can’t change or stop my medications, I don’t want to have to buy all those expensive supplements or eat organic whole meals and bake my own bread and ferment my foods, or meditate at 5am each morning and drink wheat grass juices and do liver cleansing and…..”

I want you to know that you don’t need to if you don’t want to and that these things have nothing to do with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can work with you as you are now. It can work alongside the treatments you are already receiving or alongside other modalities too. As a homeopath I will never suggest you stop medication as this is not within my scope of practice and this is something you need to discuss with your doctor. As a matter of fact it is much easier to see how Homeopathy is working for you if you do not make too many other changes at the same time too.

You see; Homeopathy is very simple and it is a great way to help you start off with making changes. One step at a time at your own pace.

The only thing you need to do is talk to a homeopath and they will listen to you.

After you have talked about your health situation and they have listened to your story and asked questions they will analyze the gathered information and prescribe you a remedy to take.

This remedy will start off a healing process that is individual to you.

Usually this means the beginning of an internal process I like to liken to a ‘reboot’ of the communications between your body systems.

Your body is a bit like an orchestra; only when all parts work together in harmony the music will be beautiful.

Somewhere along the line of your life story the director of your orchestra has got distracted or even fallen asleep and your internal music is sounding more like a cacophony than a sonata. There is a lack of direction and coordination and this chaos is reflected in Ill health.

A homeopathic remedy will nudge the director of your internal orchestra into action, restore communications between your systems and with a bit of tuning and practice your internal music could be more like a symphony again.

Once you are again humming to your own tune and feel more balanced and better able to cope it is then much easier to make other changes to your situation……should feel this is what you want or need to do.

You may want to start doing Tai Chi on the Beach at sun set after all ……..who knows????  The Sky will be your only limit.

I would like my inner tune to be like the Pachebel’s Canon….flowing and peaceful. Life would be bliss.

What inner tune would you like to hum along to?

Share with me; I would love to know.

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