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Silica Terra – Remedy of the Week

SILICA TERRA or Pure Flint

In nature we find Silica in sand. Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Agate, Flint, Jasper, and Opal are all silicon oxides. Of course sand is also the basis for glass production, clay and other products. Silicon makes up 25.7% of the earth’s crust by weight and is the second most abundant element on earth.

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Remedy of the Week- Euphrasia


Euphrasia Officinalis or “Eye bright”

Considering the name it will not be surprising that this remedy is ultimately known for its affinity with symptoms of the eye.

Euphrasia is very helpful in inflammations of the eye.

There will be profuse acute and burning lachrymation (=tears) or discharge,

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It is in the weather….

The weather’; It is amazing how often the topic comes up in conversation. It is a nice icebreaker or a space filler when talking to a stranger in the queue at the supermarket. It is much watched and always complained about by farmers relying on it for their management decisions.

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