It is in the weather….

The weather’; It is amazing how often the topic comes up in conversation. It is a nice icebreaker or a space filler when talking to a stranger in the queue at the supermarket. It is much watched and always complained about by farmers relying on it for their management decisions. And it is a rascal for causing havoc with our health at the change of seasons, when it catch us out on the side line of the soccer field or when we are ill prepared for the conditions.

It is Autumn but it seems we’ve gone from Summer to Winter in the span of a day…it is a shock to the system, that’s for sure. Here in the middle of the North Island we had our first frost this week.

There are many remedies in Homeopathy that may help when complaints come on due to exposure to the elements, the effect of weather, change in weather, or change in seasons.

Here are three Remedies that could be your best friend right now;


Where SUDDENNESS IS CHARACTERISTIC AND THE SYMPTOMS ARE ACUTELY FELT. The symptoms may arise from getting cold after being warm or from being exposed to cold DRY wind. Aconite is good too when suddenly you feel something is coming on. You were fine this morning but now you know you feel the flu has got to you. Take some doses of Aconite straight away, right at the start when you think ‘oh oh’ and you may find you’ll stop the issue in its tracks.

Rhus tox;

Is a helpful friend in COLD, DAMP AND CLOUDY weather that makes the symptoms come on or makes them worse. This could be a cold or the flu or Rheumatism.  And THE CHARACTERISTIC PICTURE WE SEE HERE IS RESTLESSNESS. Rest makes worse, they have to keep moving, shifting, going to find some relief. You may have got rained on after outdoor exercising, raking up those autumn leaves and got chilled to the bone. If your arthritis plays up; your bones start aching and it’s hard to get going in the damp cold conditions we are seeing right now….Rhus Tox will be good to think of.


Is another remedy that has great effect in those symptoms that are happening in Autumn; WARM DAYS WITH COLD NIGHTS, sudden changes in temperature. Also worse from the damp the symptoms this remedy may help with are mostly centred in the MUCOUS MEMBRANES and give rise to colds, HAYFEVER WHEN THE TEMPERATURE DROPS, sore throats, urinary troubles and bowel troubles. Colds and Hayfever in these people are ALWAYS BETTER FOR WARM ROOMS AND HOT APPLICATIONS.

Don’t forget also to boost your immune system with fresh air and regular exercise as well as eating plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruit high in Vitamin C as well as drink plenty of water.

And while you can……of course enjoy the sunshine when it is there!

Enjoy the Sun, it's good for you!

Enjoy the Sun, it’s good for you!


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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int