Remedy of the Week- Euphrasia


Euphrasia Officinalis or “Eye bright”

Considering the name it will not be surprising that this remedy is ultimately known for its affinity with symptoms of the eye.

Euphrasia is very helpful in inflammations of the eye.

There will be profuse acute and burning lachrymation (=tears) or discharge, the eye white may have a bluish tinge and there may be dim sightedness. The eyes may water all the time and are agglutinated in the morning; margins of lids are red, swollen and burning. There is sensitivity and aversion to (particularly artificial) light and improvement of the symptoms in the dark or from wiping the eyes. Evening and night time while lying down are the times when particular aggravation may be noticed Symptoms are form warmth; after exposure to south wind; and when touched.

One could think of perhaps Blepharitis, Iritis, Conjunctivitis, Trauma to the eye, Chemosis, Cataract Allergies, Colds, Hay fever or Influenza as a causation of these symptoms.

But the teary eye symptoms may come on during/from (whooping) cough or with measles and if this then is the most specific symptom this remedy may be indicated in those situations.

Sometimes one may have the sensation as if a hair is hung over the eye, and must be wiped away or that there is smarting in the eyes, as from sand.

But like with all remedies in Homeopathy we cannot say Euphrasia is for ‘eye problems’ the symptoms have to fit the remedy picture for it to be useful.

And of course Euphrasia has other applications too;

When the nose is running watery and fluently. The tears are burning but the nasal discharge isn’t.
In coughs or chest problems, with profuse expectoration
In the bad effects of contusions and other mechanical injuries subsequent to trauma, a bit like arnica Montana

These people, while unwell, may not realy be ‘into’ conversation, averse to answering or disinclined to talk. They may take no interest in their surrounding or feel Melancholic. There may be abstraction of the mind and weakness of memory.

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