A Case of Grief

Tilly (not her real name) is an independent and active woman and was recently diagnosed with Asthma at age 67.

When I first see her in May she tells me she can’t sleep at all because she can’t lie down. If she does she can’t breathe and her chest feels tight and rattling with much mucus, but her cough is unproductive.

She wheezes so bad that if she does doze off, the sound of her own wheezing wakes her again. She is using her puffers with increasing frequency, up to 18 times daily now, and has been on many rounds of Antibiotics and Steroids. Nothing is realy doing anything to bring improvement.

Any visit to the doctor results in more/ different Antibiotics, suggestion to use Steroids and more tests.

Naturally Tilly’s first desire is to find relief from this very distressing situation that also impacts severely on her daytime activities as she has no energy, nor enough breath to do much.

All this started after she contracted a bad flu a year ago she tells me, it has been a struggle ever since with coughs and chest infections and now this Asthma.

I’m concerned about her situation and the fact that she just can’t seem to achieve the relief she needs. We talk about the impact this has on her person and her daily routine in an attempt to see where this Asthma fits into her life.

Soon Tilly tells me that much has happened in her life in recent years; she has retired from her job, lost her second husband, her father and very recently her close friend, all after short battles with cancer. She nursed all 3 in their last stages of life. On top of that she has been involved in a long and on going legal battle and she tells me she had a difficult first marriage that has impacted on the relationship she has with her two now adult children, which pains her much.

There is so much grief, old and new. She is a caring person and from her story I gather she is someone who gives much of herself. But Tilly tells me her story in a collected manor, without any tears, and says she is not one for fuss or crying in company. She actually prefers to be alone and doesn’t want anyone to fuss over her; doesn’t really want to talk to anyone.

So much has happened, yet Tilly keeps going on staunch and strong. I’m wondering if her grief of all those years has undermined her vitality. Is this Asthma her body’s way to say “stop and catch your breath” in a quite literal way?

Doctor’s intervention is doing little to improve her plight; their focus is on the physical issue which is definitely very concerning.

She is continuing her medication for now, but I feel the story of multiple griefs can’t be ignored and may be underlying her frequent bouts of flu, chest infections and now this complaint of Asthma.

I prescribe her a daily dose of a remedy that has a strong affinity with grief and key symptoms of wanting to be alone, inability to cry in company or aversion to consolation and fuss and it has a picture of asthma.

I also give her a blend of Flower Essences to help her cope with some feelings of depression and anxiety as well as her acute grief, to take as she needs it.

By the end of July improvement is quite striking and her vitality has dramatically improved, I feel that it is the right time to give Tilly one dose of the remedy Influenzinum as she keeps bringing up ‘the Flu she had a year ago’ as if to remind me of its importance in her situation.

I continue to monitor her progress by email and through follow up sessions over several months and she is continuing her daily doses of the same remedy but in increasing potency (strength) and when I last see her she is radiant.

Tilly has reduced her puffer use to 2-3 doses a day, her asthma only affects her now if she walks uphill or when she is stressed. She has had no colds, flu or chest infection over the winter months. She has visited her family overseas and the travel did not result in a cold as it had the last few times.

By September she is much more relaxed, her energy is up as she is sleeping well now and can lie down again. She is feeling better in herself and writes me “It is a miracle”. Tilly has hosted a book club at her home not long ago, started participating in more activities and even has taken up a fitness class.

Despite having lost another very close friend recently and supporting the family, Tilly has not had a setback in her health and coped well.

By looking at someone’s whole situation in detail and connecting all levels of health it is possible to see layers in history that have lead to the health issues experienced today. The strength of Homeopathy is in the time given to truly understand a patient’s situation and then to be open to what is needed for this person to journey back to health and to be able to make an individual prescription based on that.

If you have longstanding issues and what you are doing presently is not resolving the problem, why not consider looking at it from a different angle. Homeopathy is an option in most situations. I’m happy to be of assistance. Feel free to make an appointment.

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