A Case of bad reaction to vaccination.

11 year old Bella (not her real name) had been spending a lot of her days at home or in bed for the past 6 months. Her mum rang me for an appointment and gave me the exact date of the last day Bella had been healthy.

When Bella came to see me she told me she used to be a very active girl; enjoying school, playing with friends, going to girl guides, dancing, several sports, piano lessons and more. No day went by without an afterschool activity.

Mum explained that Bella received a DPT booster vaccine on the mentioned date to which she had a severe reaction and fever shortly after and which required a visit to A&E. Since then Bella’s health has been getting worse.

She has had regular bouts of sore throats and used many antibiotics. But more worryingly right now is that she lives in pain daily. Severe and debilitating back pains mean she can sometimes hardly get out of bed by herself. She has bad headaches, no energy for anything, she struggles with weakness in her legs and going places is often too much. All her appetite is gone and she is continuously nauseous which is a concern seeing her petite stature. She has been missing many school days and wasn’t going to school at all at the time of the appointment. She is using pain and anti nausea medication to help her cope through the days.

Mum was very appreciative of the opportunity to talk Bella’s situation through with me. She had been told she was “over anxious” by doctors who brushed of her concerns and she had started to doubt herself. Doctors did not acknowledge a connection between the vaccination and Bella’s symptoms. But there was no explanation nor did any treatment improve Bella’s situation, instead of getting better there was a slow but gradual decline.

In homeopathy if we find the onset of issues so clearly defined we cannot deny it and know we have to address it. Because homeopathic treatment is based on the principle that ‘that what causes a problem, can also cure it’ we started by giving Bella the remedy made from the vaccine to help her body to release the toxins that were overloading her system and causing issues.

Mum updated me in the same week, saying that Bella had enjoyed two days of swimming pool visits with friends and had managed to attend a function out of town, she seemed more energetic and seemed to feel better in herself, but she continued to have back pain and be nauseous with a very small appetite, which bothered her greatly.

We tried Nux Vomica, a remedy indicated in ‘nausea without the ability to vomit’ and also useful where there is chemical toxicity.

Soon after that Bella developed a fever and a sore throat. When mum rang me I explained that it seemed Bella’s immune system had been activated and was trying to clear things up ‘from the inside out’. A fever is a way for a body to destroy unwanted bacteria or viruses. A very good sign in essence; as we want to see Bella’s body able to cope and be strong.  We decided we would ride out the fever which was not alarmingly high, without interference, but monitor the situation closely.  As expected a few days later the fever subsided.

4 weeks after her first consult I saw Bella again. She told me her back ache was no longer continuous, she was having  good days on which she could be active, followed by days where she needed to rest more, she seemed more active and happy. But nausea and lack of appetite together with headaches were still an issue for her. Overall there was definitely improvement and in order to keep that healing momentum up we decided to repeat the first remedy again.

Bella was able to start the new school year with enthusiasm and full of energy.

It was 7 weeks since her first follow up when Bella came to see me again as some of her old symptoms had started to appear again over the past 2 days. The nausea that we had struggled to fully resolve got worse, but she also had headaches, a sore throat and sore legs again. She had to have some time of school.

We decided that since the DTP vaccine remedy had given so many improvements before, we should repeat it again. But since the nausea and lack of appetite continued to be an issue I also prescribed a dose of Gaertner Bach which is a remedy that supports bowel health in certain conditions, to be taken 1 week after the DTP remedy.

I received a wonderful call from Bella’s mum, two days after she took that remedy in the morning. Bella is doing so much better. She had great appetite already that same evening and ate all her dinner the night after without complaints. She also went on a school trip for the day and was able to go back to school the day after “full of beans” where usually she would have to stay home to sleep due to exhaustion.

While Bella is continuing to do well her healing is still a process in progress that we will continue to monitor closely.

If you are suffering from effects of Immunization, please do not lose hope but come and see me, I’m happy to help.

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2 comments on “A Case of bad reaction to vaccination.
  1. Angela Hair says:

    My daughter also had a bad reaction to DTP vaccine when she was a baby. She had many learning, health and emotional problems until we worked out what the cause of her unwellness was. 1988-1989 were especially bad years for reactions to DTP. With help from a homeopath we repeated ithe DTP vaccine, once a week for 12 week until she no longer had a response to the homeopathic medicine. It was a miracle. Her brain switched on. Her hormones settled and she graduated with a triple major BA last year.

    • Esthernz says:

      Thanks for sharing that Angela, it is great to hear your daughter, like Bella, has benefited from Homeopathy and is doing so well now.

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