Flower Essences


Flower Essences

Flower Essences

These are gentle acting remedies derived solely from Flowers and working mainly at the emotional level.

The most used and well known blend is ‘Rescue Remedy, yet there is a whole system with 38 different Flower Essences that can be easily used (singly or in a blend) and matched especially to suit your needs.

The Bach Flower system of the original 38 Flower Remedies was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in England more than 80 years ago and can be used while receiving other treatments (i.e. Orthodox medication and Homeopathy) and are safe and non toxic to be used by anyone including babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

Emotions are a very natural and healthy way to express who we are as an individual. Yet sometimes our emotions and feelings become too overwhelming or dominant for us to respond effectively or positively to our environment or the situation we find ourselves in. This may mean we maintain negative relationships or are incapable of choosing a positive outcome and direction or find enjoyment in what we do. In these situations Flowers essences are a gentle support that help us see things the way they are and discard emotions and feelings no longer needed.

Following Quote is from the official Bach Flower Website;

“The Bach Flower Essences/ Remedies remove negative emotions by flooding them with the positive energies from flowers. In combination the 38 Bach Flower Remedies can restore happiness and joy in humans and animals.”

You can easily determine the Flower essence or blend of essences you need by visiting this questionnaire and following the instructions given.

Once you have decided your Essence/ blend contact me to order.

I have in stock all of the 38 Flower essences in Bach’s system, but use the brand “Healing Herbs”.

  • Sold in 30ml dropper bottles
  • Up to 5 Flower Essences blended
  • Made to order @ $15.-
  • Orders need to be prepaid or paid on pick up
  • If you require a consult to determine your remedy @ $25.- (incl. essence)

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