Vital Force -Vitality

If you are well balanced and vital you increase your chance of staying healthy.

Underlying your health is an energetic system of communication between all the cells, tissues and organs in your body. Like a conductor of an orchestra it directs all parts of us to work in harmony. This mechanism is not well understood as yet and science can put its finger on it yet.

It is that part of us that leaves us when we die, the spark of life, its what keeps us alive and functioning at all cost without us being aware of it, or as we call it in Homeopathy “The vital force”

In Homeopathy if you should develop e.g. a virus like a Cold, we see that as your body’s expression of the fact that its vital force is compromised. “The Cold” serves as a little red flag alerting you that something is out of balance, and it wants you to pay attention.

Our body will always show us there is an underlying imbalance by way of developing the least harmful symptoms. E.g a snotty nose or a blemish on the skin.

Once allowed to express those least harmful symptoms and for the body to overcome them naturally, the body restores its own natural balance and will become stronger and more apt to deal with future similar issues.

However if those first harmless symptoms are suppressed (e.g with medication or surgery) and that expression is not possible; we understand that the body will be forced to express its imbalance on a more serious level and often we see more serious symptoms as a result. (E.g. the cold may turn to pneumonia or the eczema to asthma if we use eg decongestants or steroids.)

Each person will express an imbalance through their own personal set of symptoms when their system is out of balance; i.e. one may get that cold, another sleepless nights.

A Homeopath does not see ‘a cold’ as the culprit; instead (s)he will focus on supporting the body to correct that inner imbalance, A carefully matched a remedy to the symptoms displayed will help remove the need to display those symptoms in the first place.

In today’s busy lifestyle our Vital Force is susceptible to becoming unbalanced due to many different and often constant influences. One can think of i.e. stress, improper diet, injury, use of alcohol, smoking or drugs, medication use, predisposition and hereditary health patterns, radiation, lack of rest and relaxation, overwork etc.

Remaining healthy therefore is a process and health is not a static image and at times we need assistance to regain or maintain our balance.