If you’re happy and you know it….

I know that many of my clients feel happy with the help I have given them. I see them in consults and talk to them in follow ups and often they tell me that Homeopathy has helped them; Sometimes in small ways, sometimes very dramatically so.

To me this is the most humbling and rewarding facet of my practice; to help people. To be time and again reminded how resilient and powerful the body is in its ability to heal even after long times of illness and in Chronic complaints. And to see how Homeopathy can bring energy into this ability and help change a situation around for the better.

I would like to reach and help many more people through my clinic, but it is difficult to advertise what I do due to advertising restrictions and harassment from Sceptics who are set on making it very difficult for Homeopathy to be practiced and grow in NZ.

If I can’t get the word out, people don’t know about me or Homeopathy and can’t ask me for help.
I have relied mainly on word of mouth advertising until now and many of my clients have come because others have pointed them in my direction, which is wonderful. But it is a slow process and Social media and the Internet are such powerful tools that would reach so many more people…..

The best advertising (for me as a Homeopath) that no one can argue with is client testimonials and ratings.

If you say you are happy, if you have seen result from my approach and Homeopathy in your situation….. who can argue with that????
If you like Homeopathy because of your own experience please tell others about it!

I would really appreciate your support in getting the word out about what I do. It gives people confidence if they can read your comments and know that others in similar situations have been helped by me.

I don’t ask this for myself but because I want to reach more people who like you ‘may benefit’ (Here it is again…no claims made) from Homeopathy like you have.

Please consider leaving a short testimony on my Website or FB page or send it to me per email.
On my Facebook Page you can give me a star rating too, which is as simple as clicking on the amount of stars you wish to give me.

A testimonial can be brief and does not have to be long or complex, just keep it compact.

You could use this as a template if you are wondering how to write one:
“I came to see Esther with THIS, then she did THAT and now my situation is LIKE THIS” and then indicate your (dis) satisfaction.

It will not only be very much appreciated by me, but also by many future clients.

Thank you for your help!

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int