Esther has been absolutely invaluable for our family. Our youngest daughter has suffered the effects of chronic pain and fatigue for a year now following a vaccination, and although she is still on her journey to wellness, the changes in her have been remarkable. Thanks to Esther’s considered and professional approach, working alongside conventional medicine, our previously extremely active daughter who became bed-ridden, has largely returned to her pre-vaccination state. In addition, Esther and the remedies she prescribes, have helped other members of our family, to the extent that we wish we had known about her sooner.”

Esther’s remedies have been invaluable to me this past year: I have been delighted by her ability to listen and carefully select remedies that provide deep relief. I have witnessed firsthand how Esther’s homeopathic treatments cater to the bodies healing profoundly; encouraging emotional release, renewed energy and a deeper understanding of one’s self and life, making her homeopathic consultations a powerful tool for emotional and physical imbalance.

“I would like to give my review of your service first by saying how great it is to have a quick response to various illnesses that have come up in the family over the past few years. I really appreciate your professional response and easy manner. It has been great to have the option of follow up in the form of FaceBook messages or texts that enable us to work things out as the symptoms change. I often have been surprised just how quickly and dramatically the right remedy seems to have helped. It has been really amazing and I cannot help but recommend your homeopathy for the whole family and that includes the amazing results with our cat and dog. What a life and stress saver! And thank you for being willing to explain things to enable my knowledge to grow. :-)”

“We  saw Esther at EHC Homeopathy after a friend recommended her. We both found her consultation thorough and informative. She listened carefully to our symptoms and asked questions which really made us think more in depth about our needs. The remedies she gave us have certainly improved our overall health and they were given with clear instructions on how to take them. As explained by Esther the difference occurred over time and she ensured that she followed up with us via email as to how they were working and what we noticed had changed or stayed the same. The whole experience with homeopathy treatment has been positive and we will certainly continue to see Esther as needed.

I wish to commend Esther for her  professionalism, compassion and understanding at a time of my personal own illness. She is genuinely concerned and does her utmost to make  a person well again. This has been my experience and I have taken her advise and have healed myself with her help with homeopathy remedies. Not only my own ailments has she given relief but that of my elderly 18 year old cat who had feline influenza. He was not given any hope of survival, yet with close  consult association with Esther and homeopathic remedies, my cat today, is very healthy and living well into his 20th year.” 

I had an accident with my motorbike and broke some ribs as well as had a bone deep wound on my shin. Even though the healing needed time, I was able to cope with the pain and discomfort using Homeopathic remedies that Esther prescribed for me. The wound never got infected and healed beautifully and I did not need pain medication at all.  I was able to communicate with Esther throughout the healing process so she could assess what was going on and occasionally she would give me different remedies. I think Esther is very approachable and capable, I recommend her to others.”

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(PLEASE NOTE that these testimonials are representations of individual experiences. At no time should these be interpreted as Homeopathic advise in your personal situation. Successful Homeopathic application is based on the individual match of symptom picture and remedy in each situation. Therefore if you experience health problems and wish to use Homeopathic applications you are advised to seek the  professional opinion of a qualified Homeopath to assist you in Remedy choice.)