A case of waiting to see the doctor.

Help I can’t see my Doctor until the end of next week!

Ever had this experience?

Unfortunately with the shortage in doctors, especially in the rural areas, waiting times seem to be increasing and this is happening more and more.

That doesn’t matter so much if you have a wart to remove or need a routine check up, but what do you do if you are unwell and waiting that long is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

If it is not an emergency or life threatening you don’t want to turn up at A & E, where staff have their hands full most days with people seeking urgent care.

That leaves waiting and coping as best as you can as an option. Many people go to the pharmacy and take to over the counter medications, in order to ‘soldier on’.

However other people come to see me in that situation. I do keep ‘short notice’ appointment times open most days, so it is not usually difficult for me to find time to see them.

I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose health problems.

But the beauty of Homeopathy is that ‘the label’ of a diagnosis is not needed for a prescription of a remedy as this is based solely on the symptoms you experience.

At times after seeing me they still need to see their doctor when (s)he becomes available; perhaps for a diagnosis or to have things checked out. Other times there is no need anymore, as the issue may be resolved by then. But I always do my best to help them to bridge the gap in reasonable comfort and find that works most of the time.

Here is a lady aged well into her 60s, lets call her Beth, who came to me just the other day.

Beth came because she did not think she would cope with waiting to see her doctor later next week with her complaint.

She is suffering from a very heavy sensation in her lower back and abdomen. It feels” like something is going to fall out” she says. This sensation comes and goes randomly, but is present most the time. Beth also has burning pains and itching in the private area that are driving her to despair. She needs to go to the toilet frequently during the night and has some involuntary urination and wonders if that is causing the irritation. There is also some bleeding sometimes too and at her age that is not expected, but she tells me she has a history of Fibroids.

A recent treatment for Thrush has not made much difference and a urine test has not shown up a Urinary Tract Infection.

With these complaint Beth feels pretty lethargic, dragged down and downright yuk. While she usually likes to keep busy, she doesn’t feel like doing much at all at the moment. Yet Beth is restless with it all and irritable too.

Naturally she is pretty worried about what is going on. Beth is hoping I can help her find relief till at least she can see her GP.

Of course I think Beth should see her GP, it is important to get her symptoms diagnosed, they could be caused by any number of issues and it is good to know what is happening as that will help to tailor her treatment, either conventional or Homeopathic.

I prescribe a remedy for her to take just on that day of the appointment and to let me know how she is getting on in the morning.

When she does she tells me she is feeling much better; the heavy sensation is gone, the irritation much less (though not quite gone all the way) and Beth had no issue with incontinence during the night.

We repeat the remedy just because the irritation is lingering and Beth reports to be feeling 100% better on day 2. As a matter of fact she had visitors for lunch and for dinner that day and coped just fine.

That is such great news! What a relief for her. Waiting to see her doctor won’t be too difficult now and hopefully she will have answers about what caused those symptoms soon.

Keep me in mind;  If you are suffering, but you can’t see your doctor for another couple of days or more and contact me or book an Acute appointment online.

But please Call me if you need an appointment today, rather than Tomorrow.

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, R.Hom.Int


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