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A Case of ‘Blackouts’


I thought it would be nice to share with you a little case I saw recently, to explain the process I go through to find a remedy that matches the client’s symptoms.

First I have to take the case

I listen to what my client tells me,

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Remedy of the Week- Euphrasia


Euphrasia Officinalis or “Eye bright”

Considering the name it will not be surprising that this remedy is ultimately known for its affinity with symptoms of the eye.

Euphrasia is very helpful in inflammations of the eye.

There will be profuse acute and burning lachrymation (=tears) or discharge,

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It is in the weather….

The weather’; It is amazing how often the topic comes up in conversation. It is a nice icebreaker or a space filler when talking to a stranger in the queue at the supermarket. It is much watched and always complained about by farmers relying on it for their management decisions.

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Choosing a Homeopath.

837127_98553547In New Zealand the field of ‘Natural Medicines’ or ‘Complementary and Alternative   Therapies’ is not regulated by the Government.

This basically means that any person whishing to do so can call themselves and practice the Therapies in this category. That includes Herbalists,

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Welcome to my Clinic’s website!

I hope you find it’s content informative and useful, in deciding if Homeopathy is what you are looking for in your quest to Health.

If you feel you would like more information before you decide, you may be interested in my Free talk about Homeopathy or a FREE 15 min introduction consult to explore what you need and what Homeopathy could offer in your situation.

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Esther Ritmeester DipHom, RCHom