A Case of Croup and Cough

Peter is seven years old and since he was three he has been suffering from Croup.

These bouts affect him regularly and seem to build up in intensity over a short time and then peak one night followed by long spells of croupy cough lasting for weeks.

Doctors have given his chest the all clear; it is not Asthma. Never the less he has been prescribed an inhaler and Peter uses this if he becomes anxious during a coughing bout.

There is an awful lot of mucus in his upper respiratory tract. His nose and throat are full of it; he coughs and gags and splutters with it especially in the early nights and when he wakes up in the morning.

This is not very pleasant for Peter. Nor for his parents, who have also been suffering due to this. As while Peter seems to be sleeping through his own coughing bouts most of the time, he was keeping his parents awake through the nights.

With his father being a farmer and having to rise at the crack of dawn, they were desperate to get this issue sorted.

Peter was a pleasant boy in clinic; he answered questions and told me about his Lego and how he likes his computer games. He seemed bright and intelligent. At times he coughed his barky cough that seemed to be aggravated by talking.

He doesn’t like going outside very much but rather plays indoors. His cough is worse for cold wind and he has to cover his mouth with his hand or arm to prevent the wind from making his cough bad. He realy doesn’t like the cold and loves to be warm in his bed. Even in summer he’ll wear his winter PJs and sleep with 4 layers of blankets on, says mum. He will not lie on his side and can only sleep when lying on his back. He is not too fond of the dark or being on his own in the house. He likes eating fruit and is allergic to cocoa.

While we are talking it is clear to me that there are some things regarding Peter that his mum is reluctant to talk about in his presence. This often happens when taking children’s cases. I prefer not to cause embarrassment for the child by talking about their difficult behaviour or challenging habits with the parent while the child is listening in. After the consult I contact Peters mum to investigate my instinct and am surprised to receive a very different picture of Peter from the one I saw in Clinic.

Peter’s parents are realy struggling with him at home where he displays very challenging behaviour. He is over sensitive and may respond with violent tantrums and aggressive behaviour. While at school his teachers comment on how well he does in the classroom, at home Peter does not like boundaries, rules and routines and is set on challenging his parents on everything.

All these things are part of who Peter is. In my analysis I take them into consideration.

I decide on the remedy Hepar Sulph for Peter. I can see that the cough is an important factor in his irritability especially since it has been going on for so long. And the whole family is affected by it and getting exhausted; so that is my focus for the prescription. However in determining a remedy for his croupy cough I look at other characteristics things in Peter’s situation too.

There are many remedies that can be applied in croup. But non suit Peter more than Hepar Sulph with its sensitivity to cold air and its over sensitive personality.

A week after his consult I receive an email from his mum saying

“Thank you for such a helpful remedy. There has been a 90% improvement with his croup. He is sleeping through the night, there is far less mucus and he no longer retches or coughs as much in the mornings. He is still prone to the odd tantrum but all in all he seems calmer and falls asleep very quickly at night”

I am thrilled to hear of this result. I will continue to work with Peter and monitor his progress. But right now we’ve made a breakthrough that means the family can at least get some rest.

It is that time of year again right now, where cold and damp conditions may affect our health and cases of Croup are frequently seen. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for some help.

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