Of Happiness and Grief

We live in a time of mindfulness and meditation, journaling, yoga classes and more endless must do’s in order to achieve or maintain happiness. I like to call it “the pursuit of happiness syndrome”.

Happiness is promoted heavily; it’s the new norm and has become a commercial product.

One shall be happy.

It seems we are not tolerant of unhappiness, not comfortable with loss and grieving nor sadness and the openly flowing of tears.

Yet each day we all say goodbye to yesterday, to things that never will be again and minutes that the clock can’t turn back to. We lose loved ones, pets, jobs, homes, health, dreams, money, roles we once held, and identities we formerly adopted. We lose our way in more ways than one and surely more than once in our life time.

Empty nest syndrome, mid life crisis, job redundancy, financial crisis, loss of a parent, child or partner, childhood trauma, a failed study, disappointment, emigration, displacement due to conflict or natural disaster, change in career, divorce or relationship traumas are all examples of grief causing situations that are very commonly encountered by many of us. We all know feelings of grief. It is human.

Looking back we may feel relief, but also sadness or despair, guilt and longing, we may feel angry or may not be able to feel anything at all. Small or large things that need to be processed in order for us to move on well balanced and richer in self knowledge, a lesson learned. But how often do we suffer in silence, swallow it away; as there is nowhere to go and do it openly or we don’t want to bother anyone with it. Numbness may hold us strapped in one place and unexpressed grief can fester.

 Time may heal but only if we engage in healing by working through our grief and accept it for what it is, in our own way and at our own pace.

There is the saying “One cannot see the rainbow if the eyes have seen no tears” and this illustrates the fact that sad times and loss are part of life as much as happy times and lead to different points of reference and thus to growth in the person we are.

There is value even in adversity, loss and grieving and however much we would like to avoid them all together; they are going to be part of our life.

I can see that many people today struggle to admit they are sad or grieving. They may not have learned to cope with adversity or they may feel embarrassed about expressing their feelings in amongst the happiness hype. It may cause them to feel inadequate in coping with life itself. They trot on with brave smiles and fake optimism. But all this does is suppressing the true emotions that are felt deep within.

I envision them sitting on the lid of a large rubbish bin containing their rumbling feelings, their anger and anguish, their tears and loneliness and their guilt. Holding that lid on tightly day after day…..year after year costs enormous energy. And as their bin gets fuller they find it increasingly difficult to find enough energy to just get through their day and function optimally while keeping that lid on.

Not only does it take energy to keep that lid down, it also means that what is in that bin is not gone at all, it is sitting there unprocessed. So any time something happens that triggers a memory or opens a wound the rumbling in the bin gets louder and some of the old emotions may come back bubbling up.

A seemingly small incident can then cause an enormous unwarranted emotional response, they may become irritable or fly off the handle at a loved one or the tears start coming and they won’t stop just because a word said or a situation encountered triggered the grief long held.

Grief, loss, feelings of abandonment and loneliness are at the heart of many physical and mental issues. I can see an epidemic coming on due to the fact that in today’s world we are expected to be happy full stop. Any emotions to the contrary are not acceptable and if you are not happy you fall outside of the norm or you weren’t practicing mindfulness and should start journaling.

Unprocessed grief is also a reason why many problems people see a doctor about cannot be healed with a prescription. There may be a temporary reduction in discomfort but the medication needs to be ongoing in ever stronger doses to have the same effect. And that effect is suppression of the expression of the true issue yet again.

I love what Homeopathy can achieve in these situations. Firstly because a client will have time to talk and express themselves freely in a homeopathic consultation; often the first opportunity they have to do so without being judged. And secondly because a homeopathic prescription will be aimed at the root of the problems they are experiencing. However long ago that was.

Many a time a client will feel themselves ‘peeling back the layers of the onion of their lives experiences”  to uncover the origin of their problem. And then a homeopathic remedy will support them to process that issue in order for them to be able to truly move on from it.

Clients tell me they sleep better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and have more clarity in their present day activity once grief has truly been processed.  And consequently their health improves.

Happiness is a lovely thing, however you’ll enjoy it more if you are able to comfortably reflect on times that weren’t all that happy and realise how far you’ve come, without being tipped into the turmoil of it all again as now you can just accept those times for what they were and move on.

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Change your tune!

(Image by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay)

Change can be challenging at the best of times and even if you chose it purposefully.  

It takes effort and energy and I understand that if you are feeling unwell, perhaps coping with chronic pain, feeling drained of energy and/or not in control of your situation, taking the step to change and add to your list of  ‘stresses’ does not appeal at all.

Just continuing what you are doing may be all you can bare even though things are not ok.

You maybe seeing a doctor and are taking multiple medications but there seem to be no great improvements. Due to your ill health you may be unable to exercise daily, your diet may be poor because you just don’t have the energy to shop let alone cook, your housework is just too daunting and you know that you ‘should’ be doing things differently, you feel guilt and perhaps even shame. A vicious circle perpetuates. You feel stuck and hopeless.

This is an excellent time to start Homeopathic treatment.

“Yeah right” I hear you think.

“I can’t get there, I can’t change or stop my medications, I don’t want to have to buy all those expensive supplements or eat organic whole meals and bake my own bread and ferment my foods, or meditate at 5am each morning and drink wheat grass juices and do liver cleansing and…..”

I want you to know that you don’t need to if you don’t want to and that these things have nothing to do with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can work with you as you are now. It can work alongside the treatments you are already receiving or alongside other modalities too. As a homeopath I will never suggest you stop medication as this is not within my scope of practice and this is something you need to discuss with your doctor. As a matter of fact it is much easier to see how Homeopathy is working for you if you do not make too many other changes at the same time too.

You see; Homeopathy is very simple and it is a great way to help you start off with making changes. One step at a time at your own pace.

The only thing you need to do is talk to a homeopath and they will listen to you.

After you have talked about your health situation and they have listened to your story and asked questions they will analyze the gathered information and prescribe you a remedy to take.

This remedy will start off a healing process that is individual to you.

Usually this means the beginning of an internal process I like to liken to a ‘reboot’ of the communications between your body systems.

Your body is a bit like an orchestra; only when all parts work together in harmony the music will be beautiful.

Somewhere along the line of your life story the director of your orchestra has got distracted or even fallen asleep and your internal music is sounding more like a cacophony than a sonata. There is a lack of direction and coordination and this chaos is reflected in Ill health.

A homeopathic remedy will nudge the director of your internal orchestra into action, restore communications between your systems and with a bit of tuning and practice your internal music could be more like a symphony again.

Once you are again humming to your own tune and feel more balanced and better able to cope it is then much easier to make other changes to your situation……should feel this is what you want or need to do.

You may want to start doing Tai Chi on the Beach at sun set after all ……..who knows????  The Sky will be your only limit.

I would like my inner tune to be like the Pachebel’s Canon….flowing and peaceful. Life would be bliss.

What inner tune would you like to hum along to?

Share with me; I would love to know.

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Practicing again!

Yes!!!! I am back to practicing in mmy new Location; Katikati, New Zealand!

It has been very quiet on this blog for a long time!

That is because a lot has happened in that period and I have had to step back from practicing to cope with changes in my life and circumstance. We have moved from Tokoroa to Katikati while also making lots of other changes in our lifestyle and routines; but I am back and ready to take on new clients again, now that we have settled in.

In that eventful period I have been implementing some of the advice I often give my clients; around self care and nurturing, taking time to balance yourself again to regain energy and enthusiasm for things you know you enjoy.

Life happens….to clients and Homeopaths alike =)) we are all but people.

People think sometimes that because I am a Homeopath or natural health practitioner I must have it all sussed; be in pristine health and always coping and never sad and probably very good at taking my remedies, never forgetting…..  

I can assure you that as a Homeopath and fellow human being I also experience ups and downs in my health and wellbeing and do forget to take my remedies at times or feel sadness and eat junk food occasionally too. I seek help when things are not going well and I learn from my experiences.

It is this being human and life happening to me too that helps me to understand others and be compassionate and capable of assessing my client’s situations in order to help them.

My practice will looks a bit different this time as I will no longer receive clients at home.

I will be seeing clients in person at the lovely Health by Nature Shop in Katikati.

Shelley there has done amazing work to provide Katikati with a wide selection of natural health products. She is also a medical herbalist and does hair follicle testing too! I suggest you go and have a look for yourself if you haven’t been in yet.

I am also offering the option of Skype/ video call consultations.

I realise there are people who are out there without transport or too unwell to travel or even just too busy or too far away and (although I do prefer taking at least an Initial consult “face to face” as it feels a lot more personal without the use of a device) this option will be catering to those who would otherwise not be able to see me at all.

I have updated my website and details to reflect the changes I have made.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and/or ask questions. I’m here to help.

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Celebrating mums and babies!

It was World Breast Feeding week this past week. Here in Tokoroa we had the ‘Big Latch on’ event at our council’s office and that was a big success, I’ve heard.

I am a homeopath as well as a farmer and besides seeing clients, I also spend time with ‘mums and babies’ on the farm right now. Even though I am not a new mum myself; early mornings and late afternoons revolve around feeding the newborn calves their colostrum and and making sure mums are doing well and even assisting with some births if needed.

Spring is coming soon and babies are being born and bring hope and joy. It realy is a marvel to celebrate and treasure; the energy and love mums (both animal and human) put into motherhood.

I’ve had 3 babies of my own, what seems like only yesterday but in reality is more then 20 yrs ago! And I loved my experience with my newborns and littlies. It is such a precious time……mostly enjoyable but at the same time very demanding and sometimes downright exhausting and draining.

Pregnancy, birth and Post natal times are those where you want to take care about what you put into your body, what affects baby and what pulls you through the busy days after a sleepless night.

I discovered Homeopathy when my family was very young and have been using it ever since just because I have seen such wonderful results with it. Whether it was after birth, when I had mastitis, when the babies were teething or had colic, or kids threw tantrums or had small accidents resulting in bumps and bruising, Homeopathy was always the first thing we would try and very often limited the damage or even prevented us having to see the doctor.

Now on the farm I do the same with our cows, I give e.g. Arnica to help recuperation after a delivery and Aconite to calves that are scared when leaving their mums. This morning I gave Carbo Veg to a poor little calf that was born in the cold wet night and was more dead then alive when we found it. After a few doses, in a dry shed she was able to take some warm milk and soon  she was looking quite ok. These are moments where the effect of Homeopathy can be so clearly witnessed and I feel so grateful to have this option.

It is easy to set yourself up with a basic Homeopathy kit and a good beginners guide and be empowered by how you can do things that make your kids or yourself feel better soon. Feel free to book an intro consult with me as I am very happy to talk about achieving this for yourself and to help you get started. Or if you know of some people who are interested in this like yourself, why not get together and invite me around. FREE service ….you have nothing to loose!

Here is a great little article to help you see the scope of Homeopathy for mothers and babies.

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Hibernate it is Winter!

Someone told me yesterday that doctors are blaming the influx of Lions fans, presently in New Zealand for the Rugby, for the dramatic increase in viruses and winter ailments. They may have brought the viruses with them from the Northern Hemisphere in droves. Flu season is here and it has arrived early they say.

I’m not sure if this is true or if we are picking on the red dressed herds because they won the game against the All Blacks last weekend ,or what is going on.

What is definitely true is that you cannot help but notice how many people are unwell at the moment. Many empty seats in classrooms and colleagues off sick, there are also many people sick with the flu jab I’ve heard. And when one feels miserable I guess it may feel good to blame it on someone or something out of your control.

I think the poor summer we’ve had with lack of sunshine and the damp and watery cold conditions we are enduring at present will definitely be having an impact in this matter. Also I find it noticeable that people around me are worrying more; it is hard to make ends meet, costs for necessities are going up, pressures at work are increasing due to staff shortages, stresses in the classrooms are rising with the social stresses in the community…. And the bombardment of distressing information and negative news from all directions is relentless. There is so much emphasis on what is wrong with the world, the environment and our communities, we are starting to feel we are losing a battle. We are getting drained with it all and need to take care.

Suffering winter ailments, to me, may be a sign that we’ve overdone it and haven’t paced ourselves enough. We are run down mentally and or physically and our body just says “STOP NO MORE”. Like you’ve ran into a brick wall and come to a dead end.

Winter is the ultimate time to rest up and recuperate, snuggle up by the fire, cocoon for a while and ponder life and dream and think of how you can improve your situation or what you want to change for the near future. In the early days before electricity this was exactly what people did; hibernating.

While Illness and feeling yuk are never fun; they also give us opportunity and an excuse to just be and focus on ourselves for a while. I like to embrace this idea and keep in mind that I can learn to be better at looking after my own needs in the next year to come.

Yes, our household has not escaped the viruses either, but we’ve coped. It is only a few days out of a whole year, not the end of the world. We’ve been grumpy and have been feeling sorry for ourselves, we’ve taken turns in looking after each other.

I’ve had heaps of opportunity to use my remedies to help ourselves and friends through the worst of it and have learned more about which remedies seem to work best for the flu and cold we are seeing this year. And that is helpful, seeing that winter will be here for a while to come.

I feel we limited our ‘down and out’ sick days, avoided more serious symptoms and generally coped better through our un-wellness by using Homeopathy. While others may say “You don’t know that” I feel we have won something and that is a positive attitude indeed.

I’m back on board every one, you know where to find me.

PS If you feel you’ve been helped by Homeopathy while you’ve had the Flu or a cold Please share your experience!

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A case of waiting to see the doctor.

Help I can’t see my Doctor until the end of next week!

Ever had this experience?

Unfortunately with the shortage in doctors, especially in the rural areas, waiting times seem to be increasing and this is happening more and more.

That doesn’t matter so much if you have a wart to remove or need a routine check up, but what do you do if you are unwell and waiting that long is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

If it is not an emergency or life threatening you don’t want to turn up at A & E, where staff have their hands full most days with people seeking urgent care.

That leaves waiting and coping as best as you can as an option. Many people go to the pharmacy and take to over the counter medications, in order to ‘soldier on’.

However other people come to see me in that situation. I do keep ‘short notice’ appointment times open most days, so it is not usually difficult for me to find time to see them.

I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose health problems.

But the beauty of Homeopathy is that ‘the label’ of a diagnosis is not needed for a prescription of a remedy as this is based solely on the symptoms you experience.

At times after seeing me they still need to see their doctor when (s)he becomes available; perhaps for a diagnosis or to have things checked out. Other times there is no need anymore, as the issue may be resolved by then. But I always do my best to help them to bridge the gap in reasonable comfort and find that works most of the time.

Here is a lady aged well into her 60s, lets call her Beth, who came to me just the other day.

Beth came because she did not think she would cope with waiting to see her doctor later next week with her complaint.

She is suffering from a very heavy sensation in her lower back and abdomen. It feels” like something is going to fall out” she says. This sensation comes and goes randomly, but is present most the time. Beth also has burning pains and itching in the private area that are driving her to despair. She needs to go to the toilet frequently during the night and has some involuntary urination and wonders if that is causing the irritation. There is also some bleeding sometimes too and at her age that is not expected, but she tells me she has a history of Fibroids.

A recent treatment for Thrush has not made much difference and a urine test has not shown up a Urinary Tract Infection.

With these complaint Beth feels pretty lethargic, dragged down and downright yuk. While she usually likes to keep busy, she doesn’t feel like doing much at all at the moment. Yet Beth is restless with it all and irritable too.

Naturally she is pretty worried about what is going on. Beth is hoping I can help her find relief till at least she can see her GP.

Of course I think Beth should see her GP, it is important to get her symptoms diagnosed, they could be caused by any number of issues and it is good to know what is happening as that will help to tailor her treatment, either conventional or Homeopathic.

I prescribe a remedy for her to take just on that day of the appointment and to let me know how she is getting on in the morning.

When she does she tells me she is feeling much better; the heavy sensation is gone, the irritation much less (though not quite gone all the way) and Beth had no issue with incontinence during the night.

We repeat the remedy just because the irritation is lingering and Beth reports to be feeling 100% better on day 2. As a matter of fact she had visitors for lunch and for dinner that day and coped just fine.

That is such great news! What a relief for her. Waiting to see her doctor won’t be too difficult now and hopefully she will have answers about what caused those symptoms soon.

Keep me in mind;  If you are suffering, but you can’t see your doctor for another couple of days or more and contact me or book an Acute appointment online.

But please Call me if you need an appointment today, rather than Tomorrow. 027 6192781

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FREE Introduction consults

Just a reminder to all of you who are sitting on the fence….

I offer FREE, 15 min Introduction Consults.

If you can’t decide if Homeopathy is something you want to give a go, why not come and talk to me for FREE?

It is so much easier to talk face to face!

You can tell me what you are looking for and ask any questions you want.

And I can tell you what is involved in Homeopathy and what I can do for you.

(and yes we may talk for longer as that is how it goes…..why not? It is good for you to know who you are dealing with after all)

NO Obligations AT ALL.

It is easy to book a FREE CONSULT from my booking page here .

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A Case of Croup and Cough

Peter is seven years old and since he was three he has been suffering from Croup.

These bouts affect him regularly and seem to build up in intensity over a short time and then peak one night followed by long spells of croupy cough lasting for weeks.

Doctors have given his chest the all clear; it is not Asthma. Never the less he has been prescribed an inhaler and Peter uses this if he becomes anxious during a coughing bout.

There is an awful lot of mucus in his upper respiratory tract. His nose and throat are full of it; he coughs and gags and splutters with it especially in the early nights and when he wakes up in the morning.

This is not very pleasant for Peter. Nor for his parents, who have also been suffering due to this. As while Peter seems to be sleeping through his own coughing bouts most of the time, he was keeping his parents awake through the nights.

With his father being a farmer and having to rise at the crack of dawn, they were desperate to get this issue sorted.

Peter was a pleasant boy in clinic; he answered questions and told me about his Lego and how he likes his computer games. He seemed bright and intelligent. At times he coughed his barky cough that seemed to be aggravated by talking.

He doesn’t like going outside very much but rather plays indoors. His cough is worse for cold wind and he has to cover his mouth with his hand or arm to prevent the wind from making his cough bad. He realy doesn’t like the cold and loves to be warm in his bed. Even in summer he’ll wear his winter PJs and sleep with 4 layers of blankets on, says mum. He will not lie on his side and can only sleep when lying on his back. He is not too fond of the dark or being on his own in the house. He likes eating fruit and is allergic to cocoa.

While we are talking it is clear to me that there are some things regarding Peter that his mum is reluctant to talk about in his presence. This often happens when taking children’s cases. I prefer not to cause embarrassment for the child by talking about their difficult behaviour or challenging habits with the parent while the child is listening in. After the consult I contact Peters mum to investigate my instinct and am surprised to receive a very different picture of Peter from the one I saw in Clinic.

Peter’s parents are realy struggling with him at home where he displays very challenging behaviour. He is over sensitive and may respond with violent tantrums and aggressive behaviour. While at school his teachers comment on how well he does in the classroom, at home Peter does not like boundaries, rules and routines and is set on challenging his parents on everything.

All these things are part of who Peter is. In my analysis I take them into consideration.

I decide on the remedy Hepar Sulph for Peter. I can see that the cough is an important factor in his irritability especially since it has been going on for so long. And the whole family is affected by it and getting exhausted; so that is my focus for the prescription. However in determining a remedy for his croupy cough I look at other characteristics things in Peter’s situation too.

There are many remedies that can be applied in croup. But non suit Peter more than Hepar Sulph with its sensitivity to cold air and its over sensitive personality.

A week after his consult I receive an email from his mum saying

“Thank you for such a helpful remedy. There has been a 90% improvement with his croup. He is sleeping through the night, there is far less mucus and he no longer retches or coughs as much in the mornings. He is still prone to the odd tantrum but all in all he seems calmer and falls asleep very quickly at night”

I am thrilled to hear of this result. I will continue to work with Peter and monitor his progress. But right now we’ve made a breakthrough that means the family can at least get some rest.

It is that time of year again right now, where cold and damp conditions may affect our health and cases of Croup are frequently seen. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for some help.

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A Case of Skin issues and Irritability

Sue (not her real name) came to see me because she was having some trouble with her skin.  She is a 40+ year old mother and wife to a husband, who is away from home all week, for work.

This means she has a lot on her plate. She is a busy mum, the kids are growing up and venturing into new activities, she taxies them to classes, friends and appointments, she councils them about problems, she attends school meetings, helps out with class trips and coaches the school netball team and she helps to pay the bills by doing domestic work. At home Sue is busy with the upkeep of the property, she is conscientious about healthy eating and lifestyle; she just wants the best for her family and everything to be just right.

Her skin is bothering her and has done so for a long time, she has circular eruptions that may appear anywhere on her body. They are neither painful nor itchy but she is conscious of them as they cause a long lasting light discoloration in her tanned skin as they heal and she doesn’t like the look of that.

However our talk soon turns to other things.

Sue feels she is low in energy and motivation for things that she usually enjoys “I just can’t be bothered” is an expression she uses a lot. But she also shares with me that she “couldn’t sit in an office all day, she loves the physicality of her jobs and feels good after a good bout of cleaning” There are difficulties with her pre-teen daughter who requires her attention a lot.

It is clear from listening that she feels fed up with many things. “Everyone always needs me!” and “It is dragging me down”. She is feeling increasingly irritable, particularly before her period begins and says she “can fly off the handle pretty quickly at times”.

She is also becoming more and more irritated by her husband, she complains “Why do I always have to tell him what to do! It is like having a 3rd child at home”. She is experiencing some hot flushes and she is suffering a lack in libido. There are worries about money and having “only just enough”, which are a big issue for her, “I feel I’m stuck” she says of the way this impacts her.

Overall I can see a clear picture emerge from her story and match her with a remedy.

A month later I catch up with Sue again. She sounds a lot happier, she is feeling more energetic. She tells me she has given up one of her jobs because she did not enjoy it. I’m surprised to hear this as money is tight and this was such an issue for her in the previous consult, but now she doesn’t appear so worried about that.

Sue is working through some other big decisions about some of her work. I don’t hear much about the husband at all in this consult. But (only) when I ask she says the libido issue hasn’t much changed yet. Her periods have come easier too, she is less irritable beforehand. She feels she is dealing with her daughters demands much more patient and understanding.  Just two small skin eruptions have appeared in this month, a lot fewer than usual and they seem smaller and to have progressed faster than was normal too.

All these things show us that the remedy has had a wide and positive effect on her situation.

It has helped Sue take ownership of the situation and move toward changing things that would make a difference. It helped her to become ‘unstuck’ to take action and to see what she needed to do.  Homeopathic remedies have a gentle effect and often play a key role in unlocking the potential, bringing clarity and reigniting the spark within someone.

This mum is well on the way to once again enjoy her situation, her family and relationship. Even though the libido is still an issue; I’m expecting to see a change in this in time too as she returns for follow up visits. After all Sex drive is a ‘luxury item’ in the scheme of things. Only when all is in balance again, that spark will also reignite.

I’m glad Sue came to ask me for help as because of that not only Sue but her whole family has benefited from the homeopathic remedy she took.

At times busy mums get stuck in their day to day situation and accept that ‘this is how it is’ while being slowly dragged under and starting to feel low and irritable. Motherhood is easier to cope with if the core is strong and balanced and Homeopathy can help to regain that as you’ve seen in Sue’s case.

I am a mum too, and I understand that is not always easy, that is why I love to be of help to mothers and why I would love to help you too. I’m only a click away.

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Homeopathy after a Traumatic Delivery

The story of Pipi below shows how homeopathy can  be used in acute situations. If you have access to remedies at home and a little bit of knowledge on how to use them it is quick and easy to do and can have a dramatic effect.

Pipi the cat is an 18 month old Burmese female. She had a litter not quite a year ago, giving birth to three large kittens. She was a great mum, extremely clean, devoted to her babies and very patient that time.

She fell pregnant again and I became involved in this cats situation when my daughter happened to get caught up in the delivery of the second litter that started early on a Wednesday night. Daughter called me for advice to help deliver a breach kitten and revive it when it was born lifeless. The Remedy Carbo Veg. plus some heart massage did the trick.

She supported Pipi with Arnica, through the process that brought 2 breach kittens and two others alive, as well as a lifeless kitten. Then gave Caulophylum when the delivery halted, while it looked some more kittens were still unborn.
After several hours of labour since the first deliveries, Pipi was taken to the vet as she seemed stressed and there was no progress. A late night dose of Oxytocin was given after X ray confirmation that more kittens were on the way. And Pipi was send home.

By Thursday morning after a night of contractions and no rest to look after her babies properly, no further kittens had been produced. At 8.30 am at the vets again, a C section was performed and one more kitten still alive, was born. Pipi was not prescribed any medication (due to her feeding her offspring of now 5 lively babies) and she was send home.
She seemed to be doing okay but had not eaten and drank only little. She did not pick up her mothering skills to the level she displayed with her first litter. She had not cleaned herself properly and her care for her kittens was also compromised. To make sure the kittens would be okay the family sat up with Pipi through the night.

On Friday the family visited the vet for a check up for Pipi and to pick up Antibiotic the vet forgot to give her. Then yet another visit to replace the wound tape that had come undone from the c-section wound. The family continued to be concerned about Pipi’s condition. It also was becoming clear that Pipi was not producing enough milk for her kittens.
After 6 pm that night Pipi took a turn for the worse; she seemed to have difficulty breathing was panting quickly with open mouth, distressed and had still not eaten and had not drunken all day, she had been in the same spot for a long time, her ears and feet were cold and they were worried.  The vet had been called but could not see Pipi at that time due to being on a call out delivering a cow an hour away. He said there would be nothing he could do and she had been seen during the day with no obvious explanation found for the causation for her situation. He advised that her breathing issue may be from irritation caused by the tube used for the Anaesthetic and that it could take some time to improve.

After not hearing from the family since Wednesday night I received a distressed phone call that Friday night.
However I could not visit Pipi, and the family had no way to get to me. We all felt worried about her and helpless. I advised to use Arnica, Rescue Remedy and Carbo V, as they were the only remedies applicable that they had on hand at that time. We held no great hope for Pipi to make it through the night. However the vet reluctantly agreed to see Pipi late that night after another call. He acknowledged that Pipi’s situation seemed more serious than he had thought. But he stood by his opinion on the breathing issue and that inflammation could be causing a slight blockage. A dose of steroids, pain medication and antibiotic were given and she was send home yet again. Milk powder was taken home to supplement the kittens with. The kittens were fed every two hours by the family during another sleepless night.

Saturday morning Pipi was barely hanging in there, but alive. She was totally lethargic and had not moved much. She did not respond to her kittens and just laid there. Her breathing became increasingly laborious.
The vets could not see her that morning and stood by their opinion on the breathing issue.

I visited Pipi at 11.15am on that Saturday; that was the first time I had seen her myself since this all started on Wednesday night.

When I arrived she was lying on a blanket in the middle of the floor stretched out on her right side. Her kittens were beside her and the family was encouraging them to suckle. Her chest was heaving with very laborious deep breathing. She had her eyes closed. She did not acknowledge me, did not respond to her environment, the family or her kittens. It looked a dire situation; the family was exhausted and extremely worried with the possible prospect of losing their Pipi and also of having to nurse 5 orphan kittens so young.  They kept referring to Pipi’s previous birth and mothering and how different she was now. That she “did not seem to be there”, “she is spaced out” and asked me to please do something. Another visitor came into the room and said “she looks dead” which was odd as her chest was heaving so much.

I assessed the situation and clutching a straw decided on the remedy Opium on the basis of the breathing and the spaced out, non responsive state she was in. I felt that the entire trauma Pipi had been through had resulted in her withdrawal from reality. It was not the delivery nor the c section or an inflamed throat on their own to cause this mother to not connect with her kittens and paralyse her mothering instincts but all of it together had become overwhelmingly benumbing. So much had been done to her that she had no control over, that she had gone into a delayed shock state with ‘Opium‘ picture.
I only had 1 pilule of 30c with me. So I added 1 pilule to a tiny bit of water and sat down beside Pipi and began to administer the remedy drop after drop, applying it on her nose every two to three minutes from about 11.30 am.

The first dose she did not notice but instinctively licked of her nose. The second drop she gave more sign of life. The third one she saw coming as she had opened her eyes and the fourth one she slightly withdrew from. By 11.45 am she was sitting up cleaning herself and licking her kittens. Some minutes later she got up and drunk some water but returning to her kittens as soon as they made a noise. I kept dosing her this way until I felt the response was lasting.
It was an amazing result that absolutely stunned all of us, probably most of all me. None of us had any hope of a happy ending. It would have been so good to have this on video but unfortunately it did not enter our mind at all to film it or take photos.

By that evening Pipi had gone from strength to strength and not once looked back. She had needed a few more doses of Opium when she started to show signs of slipping back into that state. But she had eaten and drunken and used the litter tray, had been nursing her kittens, cleaned herself and her milk had come in.  She was given Arnica, Staphisagria and Bellis Perennis to assist with her healing and all is looking bright for her. Her kittens are thriving.

The family has recuperated with the aid of Cocculus and have enjoyed some well deserved rest. They have decided Pipi should not have more kittens.

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