My story

While I am enjoying an amazing life right now still naturally with ups and downs; grief and depression have been part of my life experience from a young age.

My own mother was grieving for her mum when I was born. My early life was not easy and that was only the start of a long journey that has bought me where I am today enjoying my life with loved ones I hold dear.

Between then and now I have been through losing myself and was unable to pick myself up unaided at times.

I have lost loved ones and been touched by impact of suicide. I know the meaning of feeling isolated and alone and unsupported after emigrating to a new country and while raising a young family without the support of my own.  I have had dreams and expectations shattered and been hurt by those I love most.

But I have also been privileged too to be part of grieving processes of others in my nursing years; giving support to those in the last stages of their life and their families through their last moments together.

I understand that grief and depression may be passed on to us through history and situations even from before our own time. That the one and sometimes seemingly small event that tips one into despair; is often just the drop that overflows the bucket. And that the longer we feel depressed and hopeless or overwhelmed, the more difficult it becomes to see a way out and ask for help.

But I also know that it is possible to see the light again and be hopeful and enjoy life once more.

Homeopathy has been part of this transformation for me. Rather then suppressing what’s inside and altering my state of mind; it has allowed me to accept and express my inner most emotions and find peace in my world. It has brought me back to myself and has gently helped me to process and find balance in my life and my relationships.

I’m here to help you with your transformation.

Let me help you to enjoy life with Homeopathy!