Who may benefit from Homeopathic treatment and what can it be used for?

Homeopathic remedies may be used by people of all ages including babies and pregnant women, as well as in animal treatment (Specially trained Animal Homeopaths are available in NZ).

Homeopathic support may be beneficial in a wide range of physical, mental or emotional complaints and is also applicable in behavioural issues.

Remedies are easily self prescribed and applied in First Aid events like injury or stings as well as simple acute situations like a cold, teething in babies, a hangover and exam fear, once one is familiar with Homeopathic principles and approach.

More chronic situations  require the support of a professional and qualified Homeopath. And initial close supervision of a healing process is needed to assure improvement may be optimized and sustained.

There are situations in which regular medicine offers few options to patients. Sometimes conditions remain unexplained or undiagnosed or orthodox treatment is not available or unsatisfactory. At times treatment options offered by medical practitioners may not be acceptable to patients for different reasons. These are situations in which some people turn to seek a different approach to health care and where they may well find Homeopathy supportive.

Homeopathy may also be helpful to assist healthy immune responses and help to increase resilience to attacks on health by ever present (seasonal) viruses.