What if I have allergies or objections to alcohol as a preservative?

Sometimes Clients ask about the content of remedies because i.e. they have allergies to lactose, are vegetarian and prefer not to use animal related remedies, or don’t want to use products containing alcohol.

It is always best to discuss your concerns with your homeopath.

In many cases alternative options are available and your Homeopath can explain them to you.

However it is good to also realize that; Homeopathic remedies are taken in minimum doses of one (or two)pilules or drops at the time(rather then by the bottle or in great quantity) and the active substances are infinitely small doses that hold no physical matter of the matter of origin.

Remember that little is more in Homeopathy!

A remedy prescribed for you by your Homeopath, will be the best fitting remedy for your case, to ensure the best healing response.

If you object to a remedy (and this is a right you have and will be respected at all times) this may mean the optimum remedy cannot be prescribed for you and therefore the effect of treatment may be compromised.