What if I have allergies or objections to alcohol as a preservative?

Sometimes Clients may ask about the content of remedies because i.e.

  • they have allergies to lactose
  • they may be vegetarian or vegan and prefer not to use animal related remedies,
  • or they don’t want to use products containing alcohol.
  • They have concerns about certain remedies due to religious or philosophical perspectives.

I suggest it is t is always best to discuss your concerns with me. I’m very happy to answer your questions, explain and advice in order to meet your needs. In many cases alternative options are available and I can explain them to you.

However it is good to also realize that;

Homeopathic remedies are

  • ultra highly dilute and taken in very minimum doses of one (or two) pilules or drops at the time,
  • taken for the shortest time possible.
  • not big pills to swallow or long weeks of physical doses to take.
  • hold no physical matter of the of original substance at all, in most potencies used.
  • produced with sustainability and environmental health in mind,
  • tested on healthy human beings as opposed to animals
  • in most cases and if derived from the animal kingdom, made with a small part of an animal not requiring the animal to suffer or die in the process. Eg a feather, hair, milk, venom, egg, or shed skin.

A remedy prescribed for you by your Homeopath, will be the best fitting remedy for your case, to ensure the best healing response.

If you object to a remedy (and this is a right you have and will be respected at all times, naturally) this may mean the optimum remedy cannot be prescribed for you and therefore the effect of treatment may be compromised.

If you have any concerns about being prescribed remedies you may not want to take and if this is holding you back from booking a consult; Please feel free to book a 15 min Intro Chat with me (free of cost and obligation), and I gladly discuss this concern with you. Or alternatively use the form below to connect with me.