Hello and thank you for considering consulting with me. Before you do here are a few things you will want to know about working with me. Please feel free to contact me to clarify should you have any questions about this information. Or book a 15 Min Intro Consult to discuss your options here .

Booking an appointment with me is confirmation that you agree with the below:

You accept these terms and conditions to cover the entire duration of the engagement you have with me in supporting your main health concern.

It is your choice.

You agree that you have sought my help of your own free will and initiative. You confirm that you make an appointment in good faith and that you have the ability to accept or reject this care of your own free will and choice and are mentally competent to enter into this agreement. You acknowledge that you are not representing an agency (private, governmental or otherwise) attempting to gather information without so stating [ie. you are not a reporter posing as a patient.]

Booking, rescheduling and cancelling appointments Booking is binding and is best done via the booking system here

I am in New Zealand, Time zone differences may mean available options for consultation include times in your weekend or after 5pm. When you book through my system; the available time slots shown to you are in your local time zone.

You can and may reschedule or cancel an appointment easily yourself via the booking confirmation email you receive. (Please check your junk file)

Please give me as much notice as possible should you need to cancel an appointment (but preferably 24 hours ahead of time) in order for me to be able to fill that slot with someone from my waiting list. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may incur a cancellation fee of 30% of the consult cost.

The Consultation The Consultation will start and finish at the time indicated/ booked.  If you arrive late at the meeting this cuts short the time we can consult. You’ll however be charged the full consultation rate.

For online consults you’ll find the link to my ZOOM video consult included in the booking confirmations you will receive by email. Click this link at the arranged time and come straight into the meeting with me. If for any reason we have technical difficulties we will find another way to communicate. If every avenue fails and we cannot connect due to technical failure, we will reschedule.

‘In person’ consultations are conducted in Katikati, New Zealand, by prior arrangement.

Photographs and video recordings In certain circumstances I may ask you for additional visual information to illustrate your complaint if this is needed to help me understand the situation at hand and determine the right remedy and approach for you.

We will discuss this in consult if required and you have a right to refuse.

You will ensure that any photos or videos you do send prior/during/ after consultations will not show nudity of private parts of the body of adults or children.

No video or audio recordings in any form shall be made during consultation unless explicitly discussed and consented to by all parties beforehand.

Contact between Consultations

  • I prefer communications to be by email between consults.
  • I answer Emails in my working hours Mon -Thu 9am- 5pm NZ time. Unless deemed urgent.
  • I Anticipate email communications; if you are a new client and at the start of treatment that involve questions and clarifications etc. while you get familiar with how I work.
  • I may ask for updates in-between consultations if needed in order to support you.
  • However after the first follow up consult and if you initiate email contact between consultations and your email requires more than a quick reply, but involves assessment or remedy changes; I charge an email fee of NZ$25 per communication.
  • However if you require to speak to me in person between consultations and regarding your prescription or progress; please book an Interim chat (NZ$40) with me through my system.

Prescriptions and remedies I will send you a prescription for your remedies and further advice after our consultation and include instructions about taking them. I will also send you a contact of where to purchase them, if required.  You may of course purchase the remedies from other sources if you have access to those. Or you may have the remedies at hand at home already.

Acute situations can pop up during the time you are working with me. Taking acute remedies outside your prescription will be discussed with you in your consultation so you understand clearly when this can be done. But acute consults can also be booked in between consultations should you require help with acute symptoms other then related to your initial complaint.

Homeopathy along side mainstream Healthcare Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medication and therapies.  

It is your responsibility to communicate with your health providers and inform them of all the treatments you receive and medications you are taking, where appropriate.

You will not be asked to come off your usual medications while working with me.  But if it is your choice to make changes in the medications you are using; you need to discuss this with your medical prescriber first. You may however be asked to seek medical advice, go for additional health checks or to see your doctor for diagnosis or to discuss if changes to your medications need to be made.

Homeopathy is not instead of Accident and Emergency Care I cannot provide an emergency service. If you are at all concerned about your health or if symptoms don’t resolve as expected, you are strongly advised to visit A & E or see your doctor as soon as possible. If you need emergency care please apply common sense and first aid strategies as usual and contact the emergency services.

Confidentiality I will not share your details with anyone.  I am registered and abide by the privacy act in NZ (also see my privacy statement)

Emails When you book a consultation with me, and if you’ve given permission, I will add your email address to my own client list so that I can contact you about your consultations, about news and courses, and about learning more about homeopathy. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

Health Notes I am required by New Zealand law to keep your consultation notes and information for 10 years. These will not be shared with anyone unless the law requires me to submit information for the protection of life.

The Consultation Everything discussed at each consultation is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else. Unless after discussing this with you first; you have given me your explicit permission to do so. E.g.to discuss your information with other health professionals, to benefit your healing.  

Code of Conduct I abide by the Homeopathy International (registration body)- Code of Ethics

Technology The use of Internet, video calls, messenger, emails or telephone calls:   I will take every precaution reasonably possible to ensure the privacy of your information, but it cannot be guaranteed across these technologies.

Payment is accepted at the time of booking, at the end of consultation or on Invoice. I prefer new clients to prepay their initial first consultation.  Payments can be made in cash, via internet banking, or via Stripe as is practical and convenient to you.  Consultation fees will be charged in NZ dollars and a currency converter is available on the consult detail pages of this website for you to calculate easily the approximate equivalent US dollar fees for international consults. Please note these are subject to exchange rates and exclude your card payment and transaction fees. Please settle payment on receipt of your invoice, unless otherwise discussed with me.

Consultation Packages I offer a series of discounts for prepaid packages.  Information about this is to be found by clicking through to the consultation fee page. These packages can be purchased via my booking system when you book your first consultation of the package involved.

I use Zoom preferably and WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger for Video calls as a second choice.   I prefer to communicate via email between consultations.