Homeopathic Remedies

Prescription of Homeopathic remedies 

  • If possible and in stock the first prescription of Homeopathic remedy will be included in your consultation fee.
  • If the remedy is not in stock it will need to be ordered, see below for details.

Order and Sale of Homeopathic Remedies

  • You may order remedies through me. If you know what you need, you may order by telephone or email.
  • I receive the right to refuse sale of any remedy to anyone on the basis of my professional integrity.
  • Remedies can be provided without consultation in lower potencies only (i.e. 6c,12c or 30c).
  • Where possible orders will be combined to reduce postage costs.
  • Generally Homeopathic remedies come in 12g or 10ml bottles, pilule or liquid form (in dropper bottle).
  • Pilule remedies are medicated lactose (or sucrose) sugar based, Liquid remedies contain a small amount of alcohol as a preservative. Please state your preference.
  • 1 remedy ordered will cost $15.- (excluding p & p)
  • Any order will need to be pre paid before being processed.

Single Homeopathic doses for Acute use

  • You may request a ‘single dose’ (= up to 20 pilules) of a remedy providing I have it in stock @ $5 (excl p & p)
  • This will be provided to you in a small envelope
  • May be picked up or can be posted out
  • Payment at pick up required or prepaid in case of postage.