FAQ Why do you charge differently for International consults?

Good question!

There are reasons for these variations.

The main one being that International clients generally require more of my time. This is because there are often differences that require me to invest more time in understanding and researching in case analysis. This could be due to eg:

  • Terminology/ language used relating to medical history, medicines, treatments etc.
  • Language differences; these may add time to understanding and investigating the situation at hand. Extra communication post consultation to clarify etc.
  • Cultural differences, situations and values which may be of influence in a clients problem need to be understood and researched in order to understand a persons perspective etc.


  • Timezone differences mean that those outside NZ may contact me in my after work hours or weekends and consultations may require me to be available at more early or late hours than usual.
  • Sourcing remedies may require extra of my time, for those in other parts of the world.
  • There are costs involved in maintaining the ability to do online consultations in order to reach those who live outside of NZ.
  • Payment platforms retain fees from transactions.

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